Hydrant testing begins Monday

Published 4:11 pm Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brewton area residents may see discoloration in water supplies in the coming weeks as the Brewton Fire Department conducts hydrant testing throughout the city. That discoloration may be a small price to pay in knowing the fire hydrant near home is in good working condition.
Brewton Fire Chief Lawrence Weaver said the discoloration of water during the testing period is typical for the kind of tests being conducted.
“This isn’t unique to Brewton,” Weaver said. “Anytime you do this kind of testing that’s what happens.”
Weaver said the discoloration isn’t harmful and should clear up quickly following the testing.
“The discolored water can be minimized by running the cold water through inside faucets,” Weaver said. “If anyone sees a problem, it can be cleared up by running the cold water until it clears.”
Weaver said the work may cause a slight inconvenience, but it’s necessary to ensure service can be provided throughout the city in case of fire.
“This is just something we have to do,” Weaver said. “We test the hydrants to make sure they are working properly and able to allow us to provide fire protection to the residents of the city.”
Weaver said the testing will begin Monday in the Alco area and in the area of the city’s industrial park.
“We will start Monday morning in Alco and move north through the city,” Weaver said. “We will be in the Alco area for several days testing and will move north from there.”
Weaver said drivers are urged to be on the look out for fire department personnel as they test hydrants along city streets.
“Our personnel will be out at the hydrants conducting the tests and inspecting each one,” Weaver said. “It is important that this testing be conducted regularly. As we test, we visually inspect each hydrant to make sure every one of them is in proper working order. Without those hydrants, fire protection in the city would be compromised.”
Weaver said testing could take as long as a month to complete throughout the city. Residents who have questions, concerns or experience problems during the testing period are asked to contact the Brewton Fire Department at 867-7165.