Alabama Hunting and Fishing Licenses on Sale

Published 10:49 am Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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The sale of recreational hunting and fishing licenses for Alabama’s 2011-2012 seasons began on August 22, 2011. Officials with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) say purchasing online at is the easiest way for consumers to obtain their licenses because they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Both hunting and fishing licenses expire on the same date each year, August 31. ADCNR is making the new licenses available several days earlier than the expiration date for convenience purposes.
Hunters and anglers are encouraged to purchase both licenses at the beginning of the license year. “Purchasing a fishing license at the same time you purchase your hunting license makes sense. The price is the same no matter when you buy it, but purchasing now gets you a full year of fishing privileges,” said ADCNR spokesperson Kim Nix.
Prices are currently $24.20 for a resident all game license and $16.15 for a resident small game license. An all game license is required for hunting deer and turkey in Alabama. A resident freshwater fishing license is $12.10, while a saltwater fishing license is $21.20. Seven-day saltwater trip licenses are $9.05 and are valid for 168 consecutive hours.
In addition to purchasing online with a credit card, licenses are also available by telephone at 888-848-6887, at county courthouses and at many sporting goods retail outlets and marinas.
There is a new no-cost saltwater angler registry license this year for persons age 65 and older who saltwater fish and lifetime saltwater fishing license holders. The angler registry license for saltwater is required to help obtain better information on the number of users of the saltwater resource. This no-cost license can be obtained from the same license vendors and website as the other recreational licenses.
To learn about Alabama’s hunting and fishing regulations, seasons and bag limits visit or pick up a copy of the “Alabama Hunting and Fishing Digest” from license vendors, or view it online at
Besides name and address, the following information is needed to purchase a hunting or fishing license: driver’s license number, date of birth, sex, height, weight, eye color and hair color. Those born on or after August 1, 1977, and purchasing a hunting license will also need to provide a hunter education number. Hunter education class information is available at
The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources promotes wise stewardship, management and enjoyment of Alabama’s natural resources through five divisions: Marine Police, Marine Resources, State Lands, State Parks, and Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. To learn more about ADCNR, visit