Brewton water pressure issues addressed

Published 4:32 pm Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Residents in the north end of Brewton may be experiencing low water pressure — thanks to issues with the water well near D.W. McMillan Hospital
Ray Madden, supervisor of the Brewton City Gas and Water Department,, said the issue is being addressed but water pressure may continue to be a problem.
“The pump at the water well failed and we are taking steps to correct the problem,” Madden said Wednesday. “It could take two weeks or longer to get the problems corrected.”
Madden said residents in the area surrounding the hospital and as far out as six to eight blocks from the well site may continue to experience water pressure issues.
“We have already gotten a lot of calls about the pressure in those areas,” Madden said. “Areas around McMillan, Poplar, Evergreen, Belleville and Douglas Avenue will continue to see problems. Residents and business even in the lower part of downtown may also have some pressure problems with the water.”
Madden said the failed pump was installed at the well in 1999. With most pumps lasting 10 to 12 years replacement was inevitable.
“These things don’t last forever,” Madden said. “The screens are stopped up and it’s just one of those things. After the pump is replaced, the well will have to be treated and that is going to take some time.”
Madden said residents may notice inadequate operation from sprinkler systems, but said the issue isn’t mechanical failure of the sprinkler.
“There’s no need to call a plumber or repairman for those sprinkler problems,” Madden said. “It isn’t the sprinkler — it’s a lack of pressure that causes them not to work properly.”
Madden said crews are on the project to correct the issues as soon as possible but is asking residents to be aware and to be patient as the work moves forward.

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