New Beginnings distributes food

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, November 2, 2011

To see the work of God take place right in front of you is the most amazing feeling. New Beginnings’ True Vine Food Pantry purchased 5,000 pounds of food from The Bay Area Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry.  On Saturday, Oct. 8, the True Vine Food Pantry was able to distribute groceries to over 120 families with half of the families being over 60 years of age.
Once registered, families were called in and were able to visibly see what food items were being bagged up for them by volunteers. From meats, vegetables and fruit, to eggs, breads and desserts, families of Brewton were supplied with food. Members of New Beginnings Worship Center offered a listening ear, prayer for anyone who wanted it, and assistance out to vehicles with their groceries. When Lisa Sewell was asked how it impacted her, she said, “It was such a blessing to help provide so many families in the area with food.  It meant so much to have so many come and to know that we were able to help provide a service that truly met their needs. Seeing individuals so appreciative and filled with happiness is a blessing in itself.”
We never know what sorts of situations people are going through, and vice versa. Another person can never fully understand what our personal situations are during difficult periods in our lives. Everyone experiences rough times, these could be anything from the loss of a job, loved one, income, children, or just in general when we feel like the world is falling apart all around us. It is in these times that we should be reaching with an outstretched hand for our neighbor, and together, we help keep each other up.
The True Vine Food Pantry’s goal is to help all families in need within the community. “The blessing of being able to witness the Body of Christ giving their time and energy into something where nothing was expected in return is indescribable,” Pastor Bo Bell said. “It is our plan to give away 10,000 pounds of food in December with 5,000 pounds of food at two different locations. If we are going to claim to be Christians, then we know we are called to be ‘Christ-like.’ One of those attributes is to give to those who are in need.”

Britney Wiggins
New Beginnings Worship Center