BFD: Change clocks, batteries

Published 8:00 pm Friday, November 4, 2011

Changing the clocks this weekend will help keep you on time, but changing the batteries in smoke and fire alarms could save your life.
Brewton Fire Chief Lawrence Weaver said the switch from daylight savings time is a good time to change batteries in alarms throughout the home.
“It’s good to change the batteries in alarms regularly and this is a great time to remember to do that,” Weaver said. “When you get all the clocks in your home changed to the proper time, change out the batteries in those alarms as well.”
With the change of time and the change of seasons, Weaver said the change in temperatures will make it even more important to keep those alarms in good working order.
“This time of year we have a lot of calls to fires caused by space heaters,” Weaver said. “With cooler weather, people pull out those space heaters and get them going. People need to keep in mind that space heaters need a lot of space to be safe.”
Space heaters, and other sources of heat, should be kept a safe distance from flammable materials or other sources of fuel.
“Making sure to keep curtains, furniture and other items away from the heater is just good sense,” Weaver said. “Putting a heating device too close to those kinds of things increases the chance of a fire in the home.”
Weaver said changing out batteries in alarms is an easy process, but he said staff members at the Brewton Fire Department are willing to assist.
“Our guys will be happy to come out and change the batteries for those who have the alarms,” Weaver said. “We will supply the batteries and install them.”
For assistance with changing batteries in existing alarms, call the Brewton Fire Department at 867-7165.