Property tax deadline nears

Published 4:25 pm Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Property owners in Escambia County are running out of time to make on-time payments of their property taxes for 2011.
With the annual deadline approaching, Escambia County Tax Collector Joy Wiggins said notices already mailed to residents should be a reminder of the  date taxes are due.
The deadline for payment of property taxes is Dec. 31.
“Taxes are due to be paid by the end of December without having to pay a late fee,” Wiggins said.” After the 31st, and through March of next year, a three percent interest fee will be added to the regular taxes.”
Wiggins said additional reminders will be sent to tax payers if taxes are not paid in a timely manner. During April 2012, certified letters will be mailed to all property owners who have not paid their taxes. Taxes not paid after the April reminder will be subject to further penalties, including the possibility of the property being put up for tax auction in May, 2012, Wiggins said.
“We give taxpayers plenty of time to get taxes paid,” Wiggins said.
Collections so far this tax year have been steady, but slow, Wiggins said.
“This year the collection is a little slow, but not by much,” Wiggins said. “Last year, at this time, the total amount that had been paid was $ 5,513,174.39 and this year we have received $3,653,200.23. That is a rough figure and there may be some taxes that have been received but not processed.  “Last year there were $12,317,127.50 paid in taxes by Dec. 31, and we believe we will probably get close to $14,000,000 by the end of the year.”  Taxes must be paid in the tax collector’s office located in the Escambia County Courthouse on Belleville Avenue. Taxes may also be paid at the Escambia County Satellite Courthouse location on U.S. 31 South in Atmore.

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