Visions of progress: Dorso’s work to update eatery

Published 5:08 pm Friday, December 2, 2011

Dorso stands amid the rubble in preparation of remodeling at Brewton's McDonald's restaurant.

McDonald’s in Brewton is getting a facelift. Owners, Mike and Toni Dorso, said they think the time has come to update the business.
“This building has been here since 1984 and we think McDonald’s customers deserve a new and more up-to-date place for them to visit,” Mike said. “The new building will look like the McDonald’s in Flomaton.”
The couple, who also owns the  McDonald’s located in Flomaton, said they believe the customers come first.
“Brewton has always been good to support us and this remodel is our way of showing our customers our appreciation,” Mike said. “We are a part of this community and we believe we have the responsibility to help with whatever we can.”
The couple opened their newest restaurant in Flomaton at U.S. 31 and Alabama 113 this summer using a new design for McDonald’s restaurants.
The remodel of the Brewton restaurant began Nov. 21, and the plans are to have everything finished by the end of the year.
Dorso said the remodel and upgrade of the restaurant is going according to schedule and no delays are expected unless inclement weather hampers the work.
A look at the front of the property will show the concrete pad that once held the restaurant’s old play yard  broken up into large but managable pieces for work crews to handle.
The roof facade has been removed and it is waiting for the new one to be installed.
The interior will be completely redesigned to be more modern with new features and furnishings.  Televisions will be placed throughout the dining area of the restaurant with more accessible Wi-Fi as well, Mike said.
The outside areas of the restaurant will have new landscaping. The red and white combination currently used at most pre-2000 restaurants will be replaced with new colors. Mike said most of the brick used in the exterior design of the buileding will be painted the new colors with stucco material applied to portions of the exterior.
Atmore residents were also treated to a newly-designed McDonald’s restaurant when a new construction opened this summer. The Dorso family has no financial interest in Atmore’s newest McDonald’s which is located on U.S. 21 near I-65.
Brewton’s McDonald’s is located on U.S. 31 South, also known as South Boulevard, just beyond the Alco Drive intersection.