Residents: Alco park vandalized

Published 3:00 am Saturday, December 3, 2011

Residents of the Alco area say a park in their neighborhood — one that was just renovated last year — has been vandalized several times recently.
Alco residents say items have been stolen and vandalized, and vulgar language has been spray-painted on some of the pieces — including new equipment that the Leadership Brewton class and Georgia-Pacific helped fund.
Brewton city Councilman Fred Barton said he has tried to address the problems.
“I have had a few calls from area residents about the vandalized park,” Barton said. “I have been out there and cleaned it up two times myself. I spoke to (Public Works Director) Dwayne King, and city employees have been out and cleaned it yet again. I would like to see about putting in some surveillance cameras to catch these people who are defacing the playground. More frequent patrolling by the police may be needed to keep watch and make more checks on regular patrol.”
Barton said residents are watching more closely around the park.
“What we need now is for more watching in the hopes we can catch the perpetrator in the act,” he said. “Not only has the playground been vandalized; one of the grills put there for the use of the public has been stolen, and we have to do something to bring those responsible to justice.”
Brewton police officials said they could not find any reports of the vandalism.
Maj. Randy Nicholas said the department was unaware of the situation at the park.

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