Help needed in search for drink

Published 5:08 pm Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I would like to address the merchants in Brewton who sell grocery items.
Can anyone tell me why I am unable to find “Riptide Rush” Gatorade? It’s not quite so hard to find in summer months, but, even then, there’s only a very limited supply available — I clear the shelf of it and can’t usually find over eight or 10 bottles.
About a year ago, I went so far as to call the company. They didn’t know why it wasn’t available, and said it’s up to the distributors. I don’t know how to contact the distributors.
Riptide Rush is the only flavor of this product that I like and is about all I drink other than water, and I can’t find it anywhere right now. The last time I did find some, it was in the smallest bottles and I’m out. I’ll take any size, and would like to see a regular full supply just as I see the other flavors. I’ve talked to a couple of merchant employees, but it hasn’t done any good.
Please help!
Katie Nelson

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