Severe storms possible Tuesday

Published 3:59 pm Monday, January 9, 2012

After a lengthy quiet period, we have a vigorous low pressure system that is forecast to move up across Louisiana and Mississippi on Tuesday.

This passing low pressure system will bring a cold front across south by Tuesday night.  Ahead of this approaching frontal system  enough instability and moisture is expected to be in place to generate numerous showers and thunderstorms Tuesday.  The thunderstorms will be most numerous in the afternoon into the early evening.

There is a slight chance some of the thunderstorms could become strong enough to produce localized severe weather.  While the parameters don’t appear high enough to forecast a widespread outbreak of severe storms with long track/large tornadoes, enough wind shear and instability is forecast to expect isolated severe storms producing a few brief tornadoes, damaging winds to around 60 mph, and large hail.

Locally heavy rains that could produce flash flooding for some areas Tuesday afternoon and evening are possible.   The weather should improve late Tuesday evening with another extended clear but cooler period expected Wednesday through the upcoming weekend.