Girl Scout cookies arrive in Brewton

Published 10:24 pm Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Girl Scout Hut on St. Nicholas Avenue turned into a cookie heaven last week upon delivery of nearly 5,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies which are for sale by local troops.

Sales of cookies have already begun and will continue through March 11, local troop leaders said.

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Terri Stallworth, leader for Troop 8045 in Brewton, said area Girl Scouts have already taken some orders and will continue to sell the cookies throughout the sale period.

“We will be doing some walk-abouts in the coming weeks,” Stallworth said. “Of course, we will deliver to those who want to buy the cookies, but we will also be loading up some wagons and making trips around neighborhoods to sell the cookies.”

Jolinda Southworth, leader for Troop 8049, said the delivery of the cookies will make sales quick and easy for Scouts.

“The delivery of the cookies will allow the Scouts to sell the cookies and have them available immediately,” Southworth said. “This may help with our sales of our cookies.”

Troop leaders on hand for the delivery of the cookies said the funds raised through the cookie sales helps to provide an opportunity for local Girl Scouts to earn badges, experience special events and learn more about the world around them.

Carolyn Hart, leader for Troop 8024, said last year’s cookie sales helped members of her troop enjoy a learning experience.

“With the money we raised last year we were able to take the troop to the Georgia Aquarium,” Hart said. “The funds we raise help us open up new experiences for our Scouts.”

Stallworth said all troops in the Brewton area participate in a lock-in at the Brewton Area YMCA as part of a community service educational project.

“Everything we do for the Scouts using the cookie funds is a learning experience for them,” Stallworth said. “We stress the importance of community service and involvement and everything we do helps them earn badges as they learn.”

Southworth said booth sales will be held beginning the weekend of Feb. 3.

“We will be set up around town at some of the bigger stores the weekend of the Superbowl,” Southworth said. “That has typically been a good weekend for sales for our troops.“

Brewton area Girl Scout troops have enjoyed outings to Desoto Caverns, a daulphin cruise along the Gulf Coast, a tour of the battle ship in Mobile as well as trips to Montgomery, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla., and other points of interest as a result of previous cookie sales.

Girl Scouts of South Alabama CEO Liz Brent said the theme for the 2012 cookie sale season has been given the theme, “What Can a Cookie Do?”

“Cookie sales help us to provide camp, outreach programs and learning opportunities for the girls,” Brent said. “It also teaches the girls how to be business women and entrepreneurs in the process.

Besides helping to benefit each troop, support outreach efforts and maintain camp sites, the sales of the cookies gives girls the opportunity to use leadership skills to earn money for their team and to support the GS council and community, she said.

To request cookie delivery to a home or business, contact a local Girl Scout or troop leader.