Bain takes the reins at JDCC

Published 4:22 pm Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Community is a big reason Dr. Daniel Bain wanted to come to the Brewton area. His new role as president at Jefferson Davis Community College began what he hopes will be a strong relationship with an “appealing” community. “Community is this institution’s middle name,” Bain said. “I appreciate the importance of a small town being like a big family. My internal values serve as extension of how being a part of this community is something I’m happy about.” Bain began his stint as JDCC’s president on Jan. 3, filling a vacancy left when Dr. Susan McBride retired in December 2010. “I have found the staff here have dedicated themselves to a singular purpose — the student,” Bain said. “It is gratifying to me as an educator to see the people here focused on the student and to helping each other and being happy about it. I’m finding that to be true, not just on the campus, but in this community.” Bain said his position wouldn’t be bringing drastic changes at either the Brewton or Atmore campus. “My main focus now is to find out what the institution can offer to the community and what the community can gain from the college,” Bain said. “I am pleased to see Jefferson Davis partner with the Arts Council for activities and presentations. It’s nice to know that the Escambia County Historical Society is on campus and part of what goes on here. That’s what I’m most interested in — to find out what we can do to bring more community activities to the campus. We can do so much experiential learning here. We have a beautiful campus and are varied in what we can offer. My hope is to see more and more activity on campus by groups in the community.” Bain said phase one of a restructuring of the administration offices is completed with a second phase is under way. “Things are already changing at the campus and had begun changing before I arrived,” Bain said. “The administration building is being transformed into a one-stop shop for our students. Everything a student needs, from registration to financial aid, student services, tutoring — everything will be in one place. It will be wonderful for the student at Jefferson Davis Community College.” Those students, Bain said, are the reason he plans to keep activities and classes varied and interesting on the campus. “It is easier to solicit new students than to keep an existing student enrolled,” Bain said. “Because of that, it is nearly impossible to get a student back once you’ve lost them. We want to increase our student retention and keep our students learning. I don’t want our students to leave Jefferson Davis but come back to the campus for activities and events and continue to be a part of their lives.” Bain said keeping students learning would continue to benefit the community in which they live and work. “It is our duty at Jefferson Davis Community College to help educate the citizenry of Escambia County and our entire service area,” Bain said. “We want to help the citizens of the area to become productive persons that will give back to the community. That will help with the local economy and it just becomes a nice cycle for everyone.” Bain said he has already met with community leaders in Brewton and Atmore and is learning more about what JDCC can do for those they serve. “I want to get out into the community and find out what we can do to serve the people here,” Bain said. “I want to see Jefferson Davis become an on-going influence in the community — not just for the children and grandchildren of our people. I want to listen to what people are looking for and find out what the college can do for them.” Bain said mid-term classes are being discussed as well as continuing education classes for traditional and non-traditional students. “Jefferson Davis has a very good reputation,” Bain said. “That is one of the reasons I came here. I am excited about being a part of this community.”