EB concessions take hit — again

Published 4:09 pm Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting popcorn and a soft drink could be a problem if break-ins and destruction at the East Brewton Little League parks in East Brewton.

Gwynne Shell, a League official, said the concession stand located in the heart of the park had been the victim of three break-ins during the past two weeks.

“We had some problems in the past and had taken steps to protect the concession stand and the contents,” Shell said. “Bars had been placed on the doors that kept vandals from getting into the building.”

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The bars on the doors may have eliminated part of the problem, but, Shell said, break-ins continue to be a problem.

“The first time we noticed a problem was when we found a window that had been damaged where someone had attempted to break-in,” Shell said. “They didn’t make it into the building that time because of the way the windows are made. But, they came back and went to another window and that time they were able to get into the building.”

Shell said the items taken from the concession stand were minimal in costs, but the damage is discouraging.

“They were able to take some candy and things like that in the building,” Shell said. “On another break-in the remote to one of the scoreboards was taken and some of the doors inside were kicked in. It’s not that what they took was of any significance to anyone; it’s just that it keeps happening. It makes you want to throw you hands up and give up on trying to keep a concession stand going.”

Shell said the group filed a report with the East Brewton Police Department, but nothing has materialized in the form of a suspect in the cases.

“We just want whoever is responsible for this to be accountable,” Shell said. “We are evening offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of the person or the people responsible for these break-ins.”

Shell said any information reported to the East Brewton Little League organization concerning the break-ins will be kept confidential.

Shell, along with her husband Joey, organize and manage the East Brewton Little League organization.

To contact Gwynne Shell, call 238-1240 or Joey Shell at 254-0253. Information may also be reported to the East Brewton Police Department at 867-4864.