Movie crews seeking local actors

Published 3:00 am Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Looking for your name in lights?
With production already moving into the area by an independent filmmaker, more crews are eyeing the Brewton area for movie productions.
Brewton resident Teresa Gleaton is working with New York filmmakers Mike Infante and Ed Herrera on an upcoming project to be filmed in the Castleberry area.
“We are still in need of some actors for the film set in the Civil War era,” Gleaton said. “The production still needs to cast two women and one man for roles in the film with one important female role still to be cast.”
Gleaton said black actors are needed for the parts left to be cast.
“The actors need to be middle aged adults for these particular parts,” Gleaton said. “The film takes place in the time of slavery.”
The film, “Only Fear of Death,” was written by Infante and Jessica Thoubboron and will feature five principal actors with those parts already cast, Gleaton said.
“They will be bringing five main actors and a crew of about 10 people for this film project,” Gleaton said. “Since this is an independent film, the parts are non-paying parts. It will give some people a chance to be on film and some experience in the industry.”
Filming for the project is scheduled to begin Feb. 27 with about a week of shooting, Gleaton said.
“Anyone who is cast for a part in the film will need to be available that whole week,” Gleaton said. “Filming will take about a week to complete. The location is around the Castleberry area in the Cohasset area. I’m really excited about this opportunity for our area and our actors.”
In addition to actors, the production will need other equipment and volunteers to help during the week of filming.
“We are also looking for a cherry picker-type utility truck to help with some aerial shots during the filming,” Gleaton said. “We will be looking for volunteer drivers to get our actors back and forth from here to the filming location. Again, these aren’t paying jobs, but we can make sure the actors get fed while they are involved in the shooting.”
Gleaton became involved in the planning of the project when Tommy Fell with the Alabama Board of Tourism and Film contacted her.
“Tommy and I are friends and have talked about this sort of project before,” Gleaton said. “When he was contacted by the filmmakers and they expressed an interest in this area, he gave me a call. I’m excited to be involved in this project and excited for our area.”
Gleaton said a second filmmaker has also expressed an interest in doing some filming in the Brewton area later this year.
“We’ve already been contacted by a filmmaker from Crestview about doing some shooting here this summer,” Gleaton said. “The film he plans to make is a ‘scary’ film and he has already done some scouting for locations here in Brewton. The antebellum-style homes we have here attracted him to Brewton. Filming on that project could begin sometime this June.”
Gleaton said anyone who may be interested in being a part of the production should call as soon as possible to make arrangements.
“We need to get these actors and volunteers in place as quickly as possible to make sure the production goes smoothly once the filmmakers arrive,” Gleaton said. “I’m ready to see what this can mean for everyone.”
Gleaton can be reached at 251-238-2485. All messages will be answered, she said.

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