Brewton PD plans womens firearms class

Published 8:44 pm Friday, March 16, 2012

The success of the first class offered exclusively for women on firearms safety and procedure by the Brewton Police Department has prompted officials to offer the class again later this month.
The Brewton Police Department will host a Women’s Firearm Safety Class March 31, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Officer Travis Minchew, an instructor with the class, said space for the class is limited to 10 women.
“Registration for the class will open March 19, at 8: a.m.,” Minchew said. “In order to register for the class, you must come to the Brewton Police Department in person and see Janet or Valerie.”
Sgt. Andrew Casey, also an instructor for the class, said he was excited to offer this opportunity to women who are interested in learning more about firearms.
“Our first women’s firearm safety class was a huge success especially when you consider it was our first class ever offered to the public,” Casey said. “I believe that everyone who participated, including the instructors, had a great time and learned a lot in the process. Officer Minchew and myself were able to gather a lot of feedback from class participants which will be of great help in future classes. All of the women who participated in the first class were a pleasure to teach and made our job of instructing very easy.  Because of the amount of interest we have received from the public we will definitely be scheduling more classes in the future.”
Minchew said the $20 fee for the class is being charged just to cover costs associated with the firing range portion of instruction.
“The fee covers the cost of the ammo we will be using during the class,” Minchew said. “We will provide the firearms, ear plugs, safety glasses and we will have their ammo at the range.”
The registration process will be first come first served, Minchew said.
“The first class we held filled quickly,” Minchew said. “By getting to the station as soon as possible for registraion will help guarantee that they will be registered for the class.”
Casey is an NRA certified firearms instructor while Minchew holds a certification for firearms instruction from the F.B.I.

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