Holy week services planned

Published 3:52 pm Friday, March 30, 2012

Continuing a tradition that began more than 40 years ago in Brewton, Holy Week services are planned next week throughout the religious community.
The Rev. John Mathieu, pastor at First Presbyterian Church, said that it is a sincere way to show, not the differences, but the unity that exists in the community.
“We can show that we are one family of God, even though the ways of expression may be different,” Mathieu said. “What better time to do so than at this Holy time of the year. We can show to those not in a church how we can all worship together. It lets us see what is going on each other’s church. It gives those of us who preach the opportunity to speak in churches other than our own and know those the people who attend.”
The Holy Week services, planned for the week before Easter, will begin at noon Monday, April 2. Organizers say services will be no longer than 30 minutes with a light lunch served afterwards.
The Rev. Jack Fitts, pastor at First Baptist Church of Brewton, said services were planned to allow those who wished to attend to do so during their lunch hour.
The first service will be held at St. Maurice Catholic Church with Dr. Ed Glaize from First United Methodist Church, bringing the message.
The Tuesday, April 3, the service will be held at First United Methodist Church with the Rev. Jack Fitts of First Baptist Church bringing the message.
The service on Wednesday will be held at First Baptist Church with the Rev. John Mathieu, pastor of First Presbyterian Chuch, bringing the message.
On Thursday, April 4 services will be at St. Stephens Episcopal Church with the Rev. Adrian Cook, pastor of St. Maurice Catholic Church, bringing the message.
The Friday, April 6 service will be held at First Presbyterian Church with the Rev, David McDowell Fleming, pastor at St. Stephens Episcopal Church, bringing the message.
“What better time to come together than during the passion of the time?” Mathieu said. “The cross is a unifying symbol of morality and God’s blessing. If we hope to be blessed in the future, it will come through the cross.”
Fitts agreed by saying he believes that the Holy Week services can be a great blessing for the whole community.
“It is a good time for the opportunity to bring the unsaved into the church, no matter which church is in charge of the service,” Fitts said.
A light lunch will be served after each service at no charge. However, donations will be accepted and will be forwarded to the community food bank operation.