Lift high the cross; Holy Week services continue

Published 3:00 am Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A congregation of believers from different faiths stood in unison Tuesday at First United Methodist Church as the second day of services commemorating Holy Week were held
“Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim till all the world adore His sacred name,” reverberated throughout the sanctuary as a benediction for the service. The Rev. Jack Fitts, pastor of First Baptist Church of Brewton, delivered the message to the congregation encouraging believers to focus on Christ and the cross.
“By the grace shown on the cross I want to be a vital part of the church,” Fitts said. The way we demonstrate we are believers is by the way we love one another — all faces, all faces from all places.”
Dr. Ed Glaize, pastor at First United Methodist Church, welcomed worshipers to the service and reminded those who attended that the service they were attending was special.
“I believe Brewton is one of the most unique cities in America,” Glaize said. “Because of what goes on in this community during this week, we are unique. I don’t know of another community that worships together in remembrance of Holy Week.”
Wednesday’s will be held at First Baptist Church on Belleville Avenue with the Rev. John Mathieu, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, bringing the message.
Thursday services will be at St. Stephens Episcopal Church with the Rev. Adrian Cook, pastor of St. Maurice Catholic Church, bringing the message.
The Friday, April 6 service will be held at First Presbyterian Church with the Rev, David McDowell Fleming, pastor at St. Stephens Episcopal Church, bringing the message.
“What better time to come together than during the passion of the time?” Mathieu said. “The cross is a unifying symbol of morality and God’s blessing. If we hope to be blessed in the future, it will come through the cross.”
A light lunch will be served after each service at no charge. However, donations will be accepted and will be forwarded to the community food bank operation.