Brewton softball 10U game roundup

Published 10:39 am Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here is a roundup of the Brewton girls softball 10U league games:
Blasters 10, Riptide 6
The Brewton Blasters took down the Riptide 10-6.
The Blasters scored eight runs in the second inning.
For the Riptide, Sailor Smith had a single while Tiffany Reiss, Jada Baggett and Elizabeth Bell had hits.

Blasters 11, Cherry Bombs 4
In their second game, the Blasters blasted the Cherry Bombs 11-4.
For the Blasters, Jada Baggett had a triple in the first inning as the Blasters scored 11 runs in one inning.
For the Cherry Bombs, JaNazsia Nettles, Kaleigh Folsom, Baleigh Douglas and Makenna Rowell all scored.

Riptide 6, Cherry Bombs 5
The Riptide took down the Cherry Bombs 6-5.
Nettles scored two runs for the Cherry Bombs while Savannah Dillehay scored twice.

Phillies 10, Riptide 6
Facing off against the Philles, the Riptide took a 10-6 loss.
The Riptide scored two runs in the first, one in the second and six in the third while the Phillies scored four in the first and third and two in the second.
For the Riptide, Sailor Smith scored two runs.

Blasters 14, Athletics 13
The Blasters continued their winning ways with a 14-13 win over the Athletics.
Hannah McFerrin scored three runs for the Blasters in the win.