Teen makes threat to Brewton, Clanton Walmart

Published 3:00 am Saturday, April 21, 2012

A call last Thursday to the Brewton Walmart concerning a bomb at the store was just one of at least two calls made by a Minnesota teen.
The 13-year-old juvenile, who was not identified, is believed to have been responsible for a similar call Tuesday to a Walmart in Clanton.
Brewton Police Investigator Patrick Caylor said the department investigated the Thursday evening bomb threat received at the store on Douglas Avenue just after 7 p.m.
On the following Tuesday, a bomb threat was made at the Clanton Walmart which also prompted a police investigation there, Caylor said.
When Clanton police learned of a similar call to the Brewton store, phone records were investigated to determine the source of the calls. Calls to both stores were made from the same phone and were traced back to the teen living in Andover, Minn.
Caylor said the investigation into the incident in Brewton is continuing.
“No charges have been filed in this case, but we are continuing to investigate the calls and other information we have gathered,” Caylor said. “We obtained phone records involving the call made to the Brewton store and discovered other calls made to other businesses. We are checking everyting out.”
Caylor said Brewton Police take threats of this type seriously.
“It’s more than just making sure there isn’t a bomb in the store,” Caylor  said. “We have to make sure that every customer is safely out of the building. We have to shut the store down and that means a lot of lost time for everyone. The building has to be cleared and we make sure it’s safe to reenter the store before anyone is allowed back in.”
Caylor said assistance from the Brewton Fire Department helped keep last Thursday’s operation smooth.
“It’s our standard protocal for the fire department to be called,” Caylor said. “They came into the store with us and helped make sure everything was clear. We appreciate their help.”
Caylor said the Brewton Police Department will remain in contact with officials with the Anoka County Sheriff’s Department in Minnesota as well as the Clanton Police Department as the investigation into the case continues.

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