EB Cal Ripken baseball teams get wins Monday

Published 9:01 am Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In East Brewton Cal Ripken baseball and softball games Monday, the Rangers, Yankees and Pirates earned wins while the Cardinals lost to the Canes.
The Rangers took down the Brewton Mets 11-1 to improve their record while the Yankees earned a 15-run win over Flomaton 17-2.
The Pirates edged out the Canes 5-4 while the Canes rebounded to take down the Cardinals by 11, 18-7.

Rangers 11, Brewton Mets 1
In the Rangers 11-1 win over the Brewton Mets, the Rangers pounded out 10 hits while holding the Mets to four.
Weston Riddle and Jacobey Hawthorne earned the win on the mound for the Rangers as they allowed four hits, one run, no walks and struck out eight.
For the Mets, Joseph Blackburn and Daniel Reed pitched and allowed 10 hits, 11 runs, walked one and struck out four.
At the plate for the Rangers, Matt Hutchins had two singles and a double while P.J. Lovelace had two singles. Aaron Bosarge had a single and a triple while Hawthorne, Riddle and Tyler Pierce had singles.
For the Mets, Micah Flores had two singles while Hunter Johnson and Jason Konsler had a single each.

Yankees 17, Flomaton 2
The East Brewton Yankees picked up another win this season as they downed Flomaton 17-2 Monday.
Austin Majors, Kristian Taylor, Brandon Moye and Jeremy Sims all pitched in the win for the Yankees as they allowed three hits, two runs, walked five and struck out nine.
At the plate for the Yankees, Taylor was 3-for-4 with a single, double and a triple while Majors had a single.
Hunter Revel had a double and a triple while Sims had a single. Moye had two singles and Connor Huskey had a double.
Tristan Majors added a single in the win.
For Flomaton, Jo Jo Carpenter and Hunter White pitched in the loss and allowed 11 hits, 17 runs, walked five and struck out seven.
Carpenter had a single along with Dustin Reeves and Nathan Blackburn.

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Pirates 5, Canes 4
In a game between the Pirates and the Canes, the Pirates came away with a one-run win, 5-4.
Bradley Lowery and Issac Smith pitched in the win for the Pirates and allowed one hit, four runs, walked 10 and struck out five.
At the plate in the win, Jennings Hobbs had two singles and a triple while Lowery and Smith had a single each.
For the Canes, Alex Cash and Dalton Kent pitched and allowed five hits, five runs, five walks and struck out 11.
Cash had the lone hit for the Canes in the loss.

Canes 18, Cardinals 7
After taking a loss to the Pirates, the Canes rebounded with an 18-7 win over the Cardinals.
Jerry Carnley threw a one-hitter in the win as he allowed seven runs, walked 12 and struck out three.
Skylar Busby had two singles and Tyler Merrit had two triples in the win.
Dalton Kent had a single and a double while Jackson Steele added a single. Alex Cash added a double and Parker Knowles had a single.
For the Cardinals, Troy McCall and Konner Wood pitched in the loss and allowed nine hits, 18 runs, walked seven and struck out five.
Samuel Wright had the lone hit for the Cardinals.