Brewton and EB softball going strong

Published 9:39 am Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In recent May softball games held at the Brewton YMCA Sports Park, 11 different teams came away with wins.
The East Brewton Phillies, Heat, EB Orioles, EB Dodgers, Blasters, Rip Tide, and Canes all have come away with May wins.

Phillies 8, Riptide 6
The East Brewton Phillies scored five runs in the first inning and three in the second to down the Riptide 8-6.
The Riptide scored one run each in the first and second inning before adding four runs in the third.
For the Riptide, Abigail Cave had three singles and Sailor Smith had two singles. Hannah Henry, Savannah Dillehay and Bolanile Sajna all had singles.
For the Phillies, Reeves, Lanier, Jackson, Morton, Davis, Dunaway, Kiser, Wiggins and Colley all had hits in the win.

Heat 19, Canes 10
A 12-run first inning for the Heat led to a 19-10 win over the Canes.
The Heat added five runs in the second and two in the third while the Canes had three in the first, two in the second and five in the third.
Hannah Lisenby had a triple, a single and a double for the Heat in the win while Madison Douglas had a double and a single. Jakyra Spears added a single while Myra Reiss had four singles.
Alexis King had two singles along with Desiree Lambert and Brionna Dees.

EB Orioles 11, Heat 6
The East Brewton Orioles came away with an 11-6 win over the Heat in a recent game in Brewton.
The Orioles scored two runs in the first, three in the second, two in the third and four in the fourth while holding the Heat to three runs in the first, two in the second and one in the fourth.
For the Orioles, Wyatt had a single and a triple while Driskell had two singles. Hartsell had a double and a single while Dubose had a single, double and a triple.
Sessions had a single and Thomas had three singles. Redash added two singles and Salter had a single.
For the Heat, Lisenby had a triple and Douglas had a double and a triple.
Anna Grace White, Reiss, King, Spears and Lambert all had single and Dees had two singles.

EB Orioles 10, Blazin Babes 2
With the game tied at 2-all, the Orioles scored eight runs in the fourth inning to get a 10-2 win over the Babes.
For the Babes, Morgan Longmire, Gabbi Soloman, Mallori Floyd, Rudy Watson, Tess Thomas, and Malaysia Campbell had singles while Caitlyn Smith had two singles.
For the Orioles, Haleigh Dubose had three singles along with Tori Wyatt. Richerson and Hartsel both had a single while Sessions had two singles. Thomas had three singles along with Redash and Wyatt had a single. Hammac had two singles along with Frazer.

Dodgers 13, Cherry Bombs 12
Trailing 12-8 in the final inning, the Dodgers scored five runs to come away with a 13-12 win.
Kelsi Lum, Kaleight Folsom and JaNazsia Nettles all scored three runs for the Cherry Bombs while Ashli W. scored three runs for the Dodgers.

Blasters 17, Athletics 12
In a game between the Blasters and the Athletics, the Blasters came away with a five-run win.
The Blasters scored six runs each in the first and second innings while adding five in the third. For the Athletics, they scored three runs in the first and third innings while scoring six in the second.
For the Blasters, Hannah McFerrins and Alexis Brownless scored three times.
For the Athletics, Brianna P., Caitlin H., and Megan J. scored twice.

Riptide 13, Athletics 12
With the game tied 12-12 after the top of the third, the Riptide scored one run in the bottom of the inning to get a win by one.
The Athletics scored five runs in the first, four in the second and three in the third while the Riptide scored six each in the first and second and one in the third.

Blasters 10, Dodgers 8
The Blasters earned a two-run win over the Dodgers, 10-8.
The Dodgers walked 14 times in the game and had two hit batters and no hits while the Blasters had a single each from Tiffany Reiss, Hannah McFerrin and Elizabeth Bell.

Phillies 12, Cherry Bombs 6
The Phillies doubled up the Cherry Bombs 12-6 to get a win in a recent game.
The Phillies scored six runs each in the first and second innings while the Cherry Bombs scored six runs in the third inning.

Canes 18, Blasters 4
The Canes scored six runs each in the first three innings while the Blasters were held to one run in the first and three in the fourth to lose by 14.

(Editor’s note: Some stats from some games were not included in scorebooks so only runs scored were mentioned. Also, at times only first or last names were known as of press time.)