Profile makes return

Published 8:58 am Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spend any length of time in conversation with Andrew Clark, and you’ll likely come away feeling pretty good about Brewton.
His enthusiasm for his hometown is infectious, and his ideas are impressive. That kind of young leadership is all too often unique in a small town, where fewer opportunities mean fewer young people coming home to live in their hometowns.
As the chamber of commerce president, a business owner and a bank vice president, Andrew is the perfect choice to relaunch our Profile series, a much loved feature of the newspaper for many years, whose accompanying questions such as “Who would you like to have at your fantasy dinner party?” elicited some good discussion.
We suspended the feature a while back because in some ways the series had become stale; we were sometimes running out of people to feature who had not already been in the newspaper.
But over the months and years, we have recognized how much people loved the Profile, and how much people who were featured were honored to be chosen.
We are excited, then, to bring back the Profile on the front page today and in our Lifestyle pages in the weeks to come.
But we also want to know what else you want to see in your newspaper. We’ve always been proud that we’re able to publish honor roll lists, Little League photos, new business features and stories like those Andrew has to tell — the kinds of stories that are clipped and posted on your refrigerators or framed for your walls.
In addition, we’re committed to covering the stories that matter to our community, such as the upcoming municipal election, in which at least three candidates now are seeking to replace our longtime popular mayor Ted Jennings.
We want to know which issues are important to you in the city. On this page today, you can see the results of an online poll about the issues in which voters are interested. We want to hear more details, though — what questions do you want our candidates to answer?
Whatever you want to see in the paper — news, features, sports — we hope you will speak up. Send an email, drop by our office to chat, stop us in the grocery store or just post to our Facebook timeline.
This is your newspaper. Tell us what you want to see in its pages.

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