Family mourns ‘Baby Blaze’

Published 2:00 am Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Blaze Henry Johnson passed away in his mother’s arms Wednesday morning, but he had been held in the hearts and prayers of 2,000 members of his online “fan club” and the countless others who had been touched by his story.
Blaze Henry Johnson, just over 3 months old, died just after 9 a.m. Wednesday at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Fla.
During the course of their son’s short life, Katherine and Chris “Squeaky” Johnson — an Escambia County native — established a fan page for Blaze on Facebook to keep well wishers informed of his treatment and progress after weeks of struggling with a congenital heart condition.
Following Blaze’s passing Wednesday, Katherine made an entry on the page to remember her son.
“This morning as I watched the monitor and saw my precious little man’s heart rate go up and down, I asked to hold him,” Katherine’s post read. “So the nurse and respiratory therapist picked Blaze up and put him in my arms. He didn’t get mad and didn’t care about the move for he was going to mommy’s arms. The one place he knew he wasn’t going to get messed with and can relax and be loved on. As I set there in the chair looking at this beautiful little boy I saw the monitor, and the flashing lights. I knew God was calling him to be an Angel up above. I told him I loved him and that he was going to get spoiled rotten by his grandparents and great-grandparents that are already in heaven,” she wrote.
Blaze was born at Sacred Heart March 9, but doctors there quickly discovered the heart problem, a condition that left him basically one chamber short in his heart. He was transferred to a hospital in Atlanta for surgery and treatment, but just over a week ago doctors told the Johnsons that there was no more they could do.
The Johnsons made the decision to move their baby back home to Pensacola.
“I told him that he was going to a place that he was not going to hurt anymore,” Katherine wrote. “He wasn’t going to have broken bones, closing veins, or a mended heart. His body was going to be new and improved with no imperfections. I told him I loved him and was blessed to have known him and be his mommy. I told him that I loved him and that even though we are hurting that we will be OK one day. I told him I loved him and that I would see him again one day. I told him I loved him and it was OK to let go and stop fighting.
“Baby Blaze fought a very tough and hard battle. He was a very strong boy who never gave up even in the end. He was still fighting to stay alive. Blaze has been through more than I believe I could handle and I thought I was hurting from a C-section.”
Katherine wrote that Blaze became an “angel” when he died.
“There wasn’t a dry eye in that PICU room at Sacred Heart. Even the doctor that pronounced him dead had tears streaming down his face. Blaze went to heaven from the place he loved most, his mommy’s arms. Thank you all for the many, many prayers you have given to our precious little boy and to our family. It has been a very tough journey. Although Blaze is no longer here on this earth, he is in the best place possible. We love you Blaze and will never forget you. We were honored to be called your parents!”
Obituary information for Blaze Henry Johnson can be found on page 3 of today’s edition.

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