Smith appointed to state task force

Published 4:47 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Escambia County Sheriff Grover Smith will soon find himself working at the state level as a newly appointed member of the Law Enforcement Stakeholder Advisory Task Force.

Smith was appointed to the position by Governor Robert Bentley last month as a representative of the Alabama Sheriffs Association.

In his letter of appointment, Bentley told Smith the appointment came with a certain amount of responsibility to the state.

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“Appointing you to this position comes with great responsibility,” Bentley wrote. “Because you will be making important decisions that affect the citizens of Alabama. Honesty and integrity are two virtues that I prioritize from my administration to exemplify, and I know that you will do the same while in service for our great state.”

Smith was appointed to the position on the Task Force just one day after an executive order was passed creating the agency.

In the order, Bentley said members of the LESATF would consist of the Pro-Tem of the Alabama State Senate or his designee; the Speaker of the Alabama House of Representative or his designee; a representative of the Alabama Sheriffs Association; a representative of the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police; a designee of the Governor’s Office; the Director of the Alabama State Personnel Director Department or her designee; and Any other person who may be appointed by the Governor.
The LESATF, of which Smith is now a member, is responsible for making decisions as it pertains to the following, as set for in Bentley’s executive order:
• Analyze the law enforcement functions of the state;
• Analyze the law enforcement services currently provided by the state;
• Analyze the law enforcement needs of the state;
• Analyze the impacts of potential changes identified or recommended by ISLETF;
• Recommend any legislative changes that may be necessary to implement any recommended changes;
• Provide such other and further assistance and input as may be requested by the Governor.

“I encourage you to be a good steward of the taxpayers’ money and to work to maintain the trust that I, and the people of Alabama have in you,” Bentley wrote. “You are a servant of the people of Alabama, and I trust that you will fulfill your duties and set a standard for others to follow. I appreciate your willingness to serve in this position and I am confident that your time will be spent in a manner to improve the State of Alabama.”

Smith currently serves as president of the Alabama Sheriffs Association and is in his third term as sheriff for Escambia County.