New truck added to BFD fleet

Published 5:04 pm Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shane Cain, left, and Logan Williamson, right, stand in front of the newest fire fighting equipment for the Brewton Fire Department.

The Brewton Fire Department has a new truck at the fire station —a benfit that will help with brush fires and other needs of the department.
Brewton Fire Chief Lawrence Weaver said the truck will fill many purposes for the department.
“Right now we are carrying rehab materials in the truck, but we plan to use it for other things as well,” Weaver said. “Having the rehab materials along when we respond is life-saving.”
Weaver said suits firefighters wear in their work are very hot, especially in the type of weather Brewton has had this summer.
Weaver said that the men have to be on constant alert for themselves and their fellow firefighters because of the heat.
Rehab materials currently transported by the newest addition to vehicle fleet of the department consist of bottled water, an ice chest full of ice and water, along with a water spray to wet the firefighters down.
Weaver also said the truck will be used to transport personnel if needed during the course of fighting a fire or responding to any other kind of emergency situation.
The truck, which is a Ford 250 Crew Cab with four-wheel drive, is equipped with a 12,000 pound wench on the front for pulling a large load. Plans for the truck include using it for haz-mat personnel as well as equipment.
“We have some future plans that will include an all-terrain vehicle with a trailer,” Lawrence said. “That will be equipped with a flame fighter quick water handheld pump on the back of the ATV.”
Weaver said the department will be seeking out funds to outfit the vehicle with equipment that will be beneficial.
“We will be looking at applying for some grants to help with the costs,” Weaver said. “We want to provide the best response to fires in our area as well as other emergency situations. We are here to serve the people of our area.”

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