New law in place for metal, junk sales

Published 2:00 am Saturday, August 4, 2012

Local law enforcement officials will be watching to make sure buyers and sellers abide by a new law concerning scrap metal sales.
Escambia County Cheif Deputy Mike Lambert said the law will require buyers to be more attentive when it comes to purchasing scrap from individuals.
“Under the new guidelines, buyers will have to make a copy of a photo identification of anyone selling scrap metal,” Lambert said. “The buyer will also have to make an entry into a state wide data system giving a description of the vehicle used by the seller as well as the vehicle tag number. This is all aimed at helping to stop people from selling stolen scrap materials.”
Lambert said officers with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department have already made contact with dealers to ensure they are aware of the new law and rules regarding purchases.
“We’ve made sure that all of the junk dealers in the county are making a good effort to get into compliance with the new law and the system of reporting,” Lambert said. “We believe all of them are making an effort to obey the law. We do some random checks to make sure they are in compliance and stay that way. The state will also be doing inspections concerning compliance.”
Lambert said most scrap metal dealers will be paying special attention to sellers and materials they bring in.
“The dealers will have video surveillance in place to keep an eye on activity at their business,” Lambert said. “I think this new law will certainly help to curb some illegal activity when it comes to scrap metal sales.
The new law requires sellers of scrap metal be photographed, provide a copy of a personal identification card and give information to identify their vehicles. All information must be submitted to a statewide database and kept one year from the date of the sale.