Pharmacy tip leads to East Brewton arrest

Published 2:00 am Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An East Brewton woman is facing drug charges after she attempted to obtain a controlled substance from an East Brewton pharmacy.

Lorena Smith, 33, of Schad St., has been charged with attempting to commit a controlled substance crime.
Sgt. Clemente Brooks said the arrest came after employees alerted police to the incident.
“This case was the result of the pharmacist and pharmacy workers being observant in their duties,” Brooks said. “Thanks to the team at Fred’s Pharmacy for being observant, we were able to make this arrest.”
Brooks said Smith used a method to attempt to obtain a controlled substance from the pharmacy, however, details in the case were not released.
Smith was arrested at a Brewton residence and transported to the Escambia County Detention Center. Bond was set at $10,000 in the case.
East Brewton Police Chief Kenny Brazile said the incident wasn’t the first of its kind in the community.
“This kind of thing has happened before and Fred’s Pharmacy isn’t the only pharmacy in our area that has had this happen,” Brazile said. “We’re thankful the staff at Fred’s was doing their job and being observant in noticing something was out of place with this transaction.”
Brazile said other cases have been made when suspects have attempted to get a prescription drug under suspicious circumstances.
“We have had suspects who had gotten a legitimate prescription from a physician and brought it to a pharmacy,” Brazile said. “The mistake they made is they tried to change the prescription to get more of the drug than the doctor had prescribed. Most of the time, we’ve seen numbers changed that would increase the amount of pills in a prescription.”
Brazile said pharmacists and pharmacy techs have a job to do when it comes to filling prescriptions.
“These pharmacy employees have a job to do to make sure the prescriptions are filled to the doctor’s orders,” Brazile said. “We also have a job to do and that is to arrest anyone who tries to alter a prescription. It’s a felony and we will make arrests in those kinds of cases.”