Lovelace wins race for Brewton mayor

Published 8:00 pm Tuesday, October 9, 2012

With only 163 votes separating the candidates, Yank Lovelace was victorious in his battle to win the mayor’s race in Brewton.

Lovelace received 925 votes while his opponent; Frank Nalty received 762 votes in the run off Tuesday evening.

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In combined voting, Lovelace received 434 votes in Districts 1 and 2, while Nalty received 471 votes in the same two boxes. In Districts 3 and 4, Lovelace claimed 341 votes while Nalty took 152 votes in the districts. Lovelace was the winner by 11 votes in District 5 taking 150 votes to Nalty’s 139 votes in the district.

Lovelace said he was pleased with the results in the election saying he continue his plan to move Brewton forward.

“This shows that the people want to move Brewton forward,” Lovelace said. “I plan to work my hardest to move the city forward. A lot of good people worked really hard to help me win this.”

Nalty expressed his disappointment in the loss, but wished the newly elected mayor well.

“Of course I’m disappointed in the results,” Nalty said. “But, I send my congratulations to Mr. Lovelace for his victory.”

Lovelace said he intends to concentrate on future plans for the city as he prepares to take office in November.

“I will work on a long-range plan for Brewton again,” Lovelace said. “I talked about economic development during my campaign and I plan to continue to make that a priority of mine. It was a priority of (Mayor Ted Jennings’) and I’m grateful for the work he’s done. He has put the city in a great position and I’m going to continue to work to move the city forward.”

Lovelace will be sworn in as Brewton’s mayor on Nov. 5.

In the race for council seat representing District 3, Bill Littles faced challenger Butch McKenzie in a run off after Jesse Redmond and Robert Watson were defeated in the August municipal election.

In the race, Littles took 169 votes while McKenzie pulled in 100 votes in the race.

Littles will also be sworn in as councilman for District 3 in a ceremony set for Nov. 5.