Brewton athletes advance at PPK event

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Seven Brewton area kids competed in the regional Punt, Pass and Kick competition Sunday in Pensacola.
At the Pensacola competition, Mallory Floyd and Nolan Atkinson came away with first place awards.
Floyd totaled 248.03 points with a punt of 85.10 points, a pass of 76.11 and a kick of 85.06.
Atkinson totaled 246.08 points with a punting score of 89, a passing score of 77 and a kicking score of 80.08.
Lauren Thompson came in second in her age group with a total score of 36.07. Thompson’s punt totaled three points while her pass was 26.07 and her kick totaled six points.
Steely Ruzic came away with a third place finish in her age group with a total score of 124.18. Ruzic’s punt total was 26.07 while her passing score was 68.09. Ruzic’s kicking score was 30.02.
Logan Bush competed in the 10- and-11-year-old group and totaled 173.14. Bush totaled 23.07 on his punt, 84.03 on his pass and had a score of 66.04 in his kick.
In the 12-13 age group, Hayden Atkinson placed second with a total score of 382.14. Atkinson totaled 137.07 on his punt, a 141.07 total score on his pass and a score of 104 on his kick.
JoJo Booker rounded out the local kids at the competition and came in fourth place. Booker totaled 253.08 as he punted for a score of 74.08, passed for a score of 145 and kicked for a total of 34.
The next level of competition will be held at the Super Dome in New Orleans as participants will attend a Saints game and have the competition at halftime.

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