Opinions on tax proposal mixed

Published 11:46 pm Sunday, November 25, 2012

A proposed 1-cent increase in the city sales tax has some residents questioning the need for new revenue, while others said they believe the increase is needed.

A vote on the new tax is set for Tuesday.

Erica Burns said she thinks city officials will have to do what they think best.

“They have to do what is best for the community,” Burns said. “Maybe they kept using the reserve funds and thinking that the economy would get better.”

Mary Jones said she thinks the tax will be a mistake.

“We shouldn’t be adding any more taxes,” she said. “Everything is so high already and this will mean that more people will have to go on food stamps to pay for their groceries. I think they need to look some where else for any additional money.”

Stuart Haynes lives in Berrydale but shops in Brewton and said he was a little confused why the city waited so long to decide they were out of reserve funds.

“I live at Berrydale, but come to Brewton to do my shopping,” Haynes said. “I live just as close to Milton, but I like to shop here. If the city needs the money, I do have some questions. They need to spend more carefully. Use it where it will be most effective. Why do it now? Why have they waited so long to do something about it?”

Gloria Campbell said she has no problem with the additional tax, if it is really needed.

“I don’t have a problem with the tax,” Campbell said. “But I don’t they should take anything from what the children need in school. I don’t like it going to the city.”

Doris McLellan said she hates to see a rise in taxes, but understands it needs to be done.

“If it is what they need to do I guess it’s OK, she said. “They have to do what they need to do.“