Court Docket full: Ex-custodian, lawyer set for trial

Published 2:00 am Saturday, December 8, 2012

A heavy court docket will begin this week at the Escambia County Courthouse to hear a variety of cases including one involving a former employee of the Escambia County Board of Education; a former attorney charged with a drug crime; and  an attempted murder case involving a golf club.
Rita Bell Folmar is scheduled to appear before a judge on charges of ethics violation and theft of property.
Folmar was suspended of her duties in July as a custodian with the Escambia County Board of Education after an incident occurred accusing her of taking cash from a teacher’s personal belongings while working at Flomaton High School.
Evidence concerning the allegations of an ethics violation and theft of property was presented to a grand jury in August. She remains on administrative leave from her position.
The charges against Folmar came after she informed school officials of her discovery of a handgun in the band room which she is believed to have uncovered as she searched through the personal belongings of then-band director John Lambert. Lambert was terminated as a result of the incident in July.
Former Brewton attorney Sara (Sally) Oswald Stoddard, will face a judge on a charge of unlawful possession of a controlled substance.
Stoddard was arrested at her downtown office April 5 after an undercover operation was conducted at the location. As a result, she was charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance and attempting to commit a controlled substance crime — both felony charges. She was suspended from practicing law by the Alabama Bar Association April 18.
Jeffrey Scott Puckett was charged with attempted murder after he allegedly beat a male victim with a golf club during an argument.
Puckett, 47, of Uriah, was indicted by an Escambia County Grand Jury in October 2011.
The victim, Gregory Gainey, was allegedly attacked with a golf club and knife by Puckett, according to officials with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department at the time of Puckett’s arrest.
Investigator Preston Hill, said the Aug. 26, 2011 incident was reported to dispatchers with the department just before 2 a.m. leading officers to the scene of the crime.
Cases against Folmar and Puckett are scheduled to be heard Tuesday, Dec. 11 in Courtroom One.
Other cases set for the December docket include:
Monday, Dec. 10 – Courtroom One
Ricky Nolan – receiving stolen property
Courtroom Two
Ganie Spears – burglary third, receiving stolen property second, and unlawful distribution of a controlled substance.
Tuesday, Dec. 11 – Courtroom One
Robert Clyde Smith – enticing a child for immoral purposes; Darrell Marshall – robbery first; Tamara Gray – theft of property second; Steven Nall – theft of property second; Mark Jarred Perrone – theft of property first; Clayton Brent Adams – theft of property first; Matthew Grant Kirk – burglary third; Tamarcus Salter – unlawful possession of a forged instrument second degree, two counts; Ben D. Maddox – theft of property first and deception; Anthony Williams – theft of property first; Glennis Huddleston – attempted kidnapping; Terry Michael Young – attempted theft of property first; Marvin Norman – attempted theft of property first; Deandrea Smith – burglary third; Tommy Finklea – sex abuse first; Jonathan Rolin – theft of property second; Vernon Flowers – burglary third; Janelle Marie Deese – escape third; David Ryan Childress – burglary third; Jordan Rowland – burglary second; Cassandra Tedder – unlawful possession of a controlled substance; Darryl Wayne Martin – theft of property first and deception; Sterling Hymel – sex abuse; Noah Joshua Lee – burglary second; Michael Johnson – assault first; Christopher Jennings White – theft of property firt; Mary L. Smith – theft of property first; Freddie Cooper – receiving stolen property second and terrorist threat; Quintella Williams – unlawful use of credit card; Monte Alan Parker – theft of property second; Leslie Strength – receiving stolen property first; Shelton Vonsha Frye – shooting into an occupied building or vehicle; Johnathan Riley Dowing – assault first; Donnie Jason Victor – theft of property first; Shanequa Latia Lewis – two counts of idendity theft; Clarence Eugene Cooke – SORNA violation; Joni R. Diamond – theft of property second; Alan Blake Clark – theft of property second; Nelson Hall Jr. – domestic violence third and menacing; Terrence Dramon Tolbert – theft of property and deception; Justin Kilgore Buckley – two counts of breaking and entering a vehicle and receiving stolen property first; Ella Bradley – unlawful possession of a forged instrument second Efren Mario Mendibles – arson second; Phillip Brandon McGhee – breaking and entering a vehicle; Pamila Adams Lassiter – unlawful use of a credit card; Bridgett Marie Allen 0- theft of property first and forgery second; Dione Kyrene Petite – forgery second.
Courtroom Two
Becky Sorrells – Theft of property second; Ronald Barrow – Theft of property second Curtis Tucker – Theft of services, second; Danny Cash – Assault second; Greg Crutchfield – unlawful use of a credit card; Shanaee Brown – theft of property, second; Michael L. Williams – burglary third; Adrian Golden – illegal possession of a credit card; Gary Lamar Steele – willful abuse of a child; Michael White Sr. – theft by deception, first; Michael Shane Griffey – receiving stolen property, second; Cory Spears – two counts of receiving stolen property, third, receiving stolen property second and unlawful possession of a credit card; Margaret Morris – attempted burglary third; Johnny Odom – theft of property first; Robert Kennedy – assault second; Jesse Horton – arson, first; Reginald Gibbs – burglary third; Carlos Hall – obstruction of justice; Derrick Riley – promoting prison contraband, first; Jimmy Johnson – theft of property first; Randy Fretwell Jr. – one count each of theft of property first and second; Johnny Addison – robbery third; Toney Keith – burglary second; Richard Mitchell – sex offender act; Jerry Timothy Jr. – escape third; Dayshawn Dixon – domestic violence, first; Bryant Pitts – unlawful possession of a controlled substance.
Wednesday, Dec. 12 – Courtroom One
Terms of unlawful possession, manufacturing and distribution of a controlled substance are shown as UPCS, UMCS and UDCS, respectively.
Johnny Dees III – UPCS; Thomas Lee Howell – UPOM first; Colby Satterwhite – UMCS; Charles Lowell – three counts UPCS and UDCS; William Gregory Winchester – UDCS; Joel Lyn Daw Rabon – UPCS; Addie Hagen – UDCS; Allen Spates – UDCS; Edwin Bartley – two counts UPCS; Charles Edward Brown – UDCS; Derek Galloway – UPCS and UDCS; Donald Dwight Alexander – UCCS; Billy Wayne Clifton – UPOM first; Victory Terell McKenzie – UPOM first; Demarcus Boggan – UDCS; Lorico Stevens – four counts UDCS; Joyce Madwell – UDCS; James Ryan Stokes – UPCS; Janice Mary Booker – UPCS; Connie Renee Rolin – UPCS; Kimberly Grant UPCS y Fraud and ID theft; Kevin Silar – UDCS; Marcus Cullen Bowen Jr. – UPCS; Brandon Keith Fore – UPCS; Carlos Darby – two counts UDCS; Stepen Eric Colvin – UDCS; Elbert Reed – UPCS; Christopher Blake Moye – UPCS; Cassandra Denise Hill – UPCS; Stephanie Lynn Kendrick – UPOM first; Daisy Amanda Watson – UPCS; Wiley Black Tait Jr. – UPOM first, two counts; Domingo Emiglio Flores – UPCS; Alice Mare Grantham – two counts UPCS; Autumn Ready – Chemical Endangerment of a Child; Joseph A. Downing – UPCS; Daniel Stuart Harris – UPCS, two counts;  Roil Lamar Hadley Jr. – UPCS; Jane Alice Kyles – UDCS; Anthony Williams – UPCS, UDCS; Jerry Wayne Harris – UDCS; Joann Lambert Downing – UMCS; Zabbrina Cook – UMCS; Joe Richard Hill – UDCS; Gregory Lewi – Attemtping to commit a controlled substance crime, two counts of conspiracy in a controlled substance crime; two counts of first-degree UPOM; Allen Hodges – two counts UDCS; Emanuel Osher Jackson – UPCS and attempting to commit a controlled substance crime; Eddie Bernard Jones – Attempting to commit a controlled substance crime; Todd Bernier – UPCS; Joshua Rosicka – UPCS; Lester Barnes – UMCS; Robert Dwight Jordan – UPCS; Donald Frederick Deaton – UPCS; Luther Frank Kelley – UDCS; Samuel Lee Jr. – UDCS; two counts of UPOM first; Rebecca Boutwell – UPCS; Clauzell Reed – UPCS; Michael Wayne Johnson – two counts UDCS and UPCS; Antawan Jarrod McIntosh – UPOM first; Dennis Clyde Mathis – UPCS; Barry Lynn Ross – UPCS; Tyneshia Nishell Smith – UPCC; Daniel Payton Taylor – UPCS; Daniel Wayne Conway – UPCS; Nicholas Jordan – UPCS; Kennedy Crook – UPCS; Corwin Sinclair Hines – attempting to commit a controlled substance crime; Lashavies Desha Williams – UPCS; Wayne Douglas Hartley – UPCS; Shaundale Wilfred Finley – UPCS; Nakita Wilson – UPOM first; Derek James Staples – UPOM first; Anthony Levon Peterson – UDCS; Timonty Wade McCall Jr. – domestic violence third degree assault; UMCS; Joshua Lvon Sinkfield – UPOM first; David Louis Moore – UPCS; Geraldine M. Burns – UDCS; Lawana Macks – UPCS; Berry Lynn Ross – UPCS; Narvie Lashawn Dortch – UPOM firs; Montay Terrell Harris – UPOM first; Roy Wilson Henderson – UPOM first; Sheri Lee Sheppard – UPCS; Johnny Madkson – UPOM first; Cynthia Scruggs – UMCS; Clinton Horace Brooks – UPCS; Markief Daniels Wright – UPOM first; John Hawkins – possession of precursor chemicals; Shirley Hawkins – possession of precursor chemicals; Sara Oswald Stoddard – UPCS.
Courtroom Two
Clay Kast – domestic violence second.
Thursday, Dec. 13: Courtroom One
Cedric Floyd – promoting prison contraband, first; Carolyn Burns – custodial sexual misconduct; Shereese Shaunta Tucker – promoting prison contraband, first; Thad Shamburger – promoting prison contraband, first; Jamon Montrice Jackson – promoting prison contraband, second.
Courtroom Two
Shonricka Turner – UPOM first and certain persons with pistol; William Scott Lee – UPCS; Dallas Edwards – UPCS; Stephen Hodges – UDCS; Aubrey Hawkins – UPCS; Peter Allen – UDCS; James Scotty Nix – two counts UPCS; John Hockett – UPCS; Hward Harris – UPOM, first; Dedrick Neal – UPOM, first; Mickey Ankum – UPCS and five counts UDCS; Aerial Johnson – two counts of attempting to commit a controlled substance crime; Carol Winstead – UDCS; Albert Tillman – UPCS; Rachel Neal – UPCS; Alexander Hanners – UPCS; Albert Johns – UPCS; Terrence Frye – UPCS; Gregory Shultz – two counts UMCS; Shannon Boone – UPCS; Matthew Hadley – UPCS; Gary Hetherington – UPCS; Katherine Butts – UPCS; Catherine Coleman – UPCS; Loretta Galvin – UPCS; Thomas Miller – UPCS; James Peavy – UPCS; Qudrae Riley – attempting to commit a controlled substance crime; Tracy Jeter – UMCS; Toney Keith – three counts of UDCS; Roger Lee Walker – UPCS; Willie Brazile – UDCS; Eubie Kennedy – UDCS; Charlton Jones – UPCS; Blake Bayne – UPOM first; and Brandy Smith – trafficking.
Friday, Dec. 14: Courtroom One
Jonathan Guerrette – DUI and improper lane usuage; Christopher Chad Emmons – assault third degree; Albert Tillman – promoting prison contraband, first; Terry D. Montgomery – Disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

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