Bonner, Kennedy conflicted over ‘fiscal cliff’ vote

Published 4:18 pm Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Tuesday move to prevent the country’s descent off the “fiscal cliff” by the Senate still offers conflict among many politicians — both Democrat and Republic — on how solid the decision is in regard to the future of America.

U.S. Rep. Jo Bonner, R-Alabama, cast a vote against the agreement saying his support of the process was impossible.

“At the end of the day I just couldn’t support – with my one vote – such a flawed process,” Bonner said. “There is simply no way Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Madison or our other founding fathers could have ever envisioned having the Senate pass a $4 trillion addition to the debt of our nation at 2:00 a.m., only to have the House take it up less than 20 hours later and there be no regard for the long-term damage we are doing to America’s future.

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“Over the past several months, President Obama didn’t hide the fact that he loathes the success some Americans have worked so hard to enjoy and he will get the tax increases he has so openly sought.  But to think he and the Democrats in Congress couldn’t have come up with a penny – not a single penny – of cuts to offset the $4 trillion in new spending is beyond the pale. This is a sad day for our country but the saddest, at least to me, was when the American people, on November 6th, expressed with their vote that they believed we could continue down the path of more spending and borrowing with no consequences.”

In a conflicting comment, Chairman Mark Kennedy said he agreed with the decision made by congress to avert the fiscal cliff and vowed to stand up against those who voted against the plan approved.

“Despite the best effort of far-right Republicans in Congress, including Representatives Bonner, Roby, Rogers, Brooks, Aderholt and Bachus, hardworking families and small businesses across Alabama and the country will start out the New Year protected from steep tax increases,” Kennedy said. “Thanks to President Obama’s leadership, these hardworking middle class families and small business owners will not face higher tax rates and, as a result, our nation’s economy will continue down the path to recovery. With that said, it is an absolute disgrace that Alabama’s far-right members of Congress brought our country to the very brink of another financial crisis for political purposes and then had the nerve to not only vote against hardworking families and small businesses but also to vote for a pay raise for themselves. We will make it a mission to ensure that when Representatives Bonner, Roby, Rogers, Brooks, Aderholt and Bachus face the voters in 2014, the people who elected them will know that their representatives put their own pocketbooks ahead of the best interest of the country.”