New system means new procedure

Published 4:32 pm Monday, January 14, 2013

Law enforcement officers now have the ability to verify whether a motorist has proper automobile insurance at the time of a crash or traffic stop thanks to a new system put into place earlier this month. However, the changes the verification system has also brought changes on a motorist’s ability to obtain a crash report after the incident.

According to information released by officials at the Alabama Department of Public Safety, the new online insurance verification system means those requesting an after-crash report, may see changes in the process for completing the request.

Rather than require each driver involved in a traffic collision to submit an SR-13 form, public safety personnel now will provide a new form, the SR-31, officials said.

The new form contains only the claims portion necessary for public safety personnel to take administrative action on an at-fault driver with no insurance coverage. Based on the information required to complete the form, a driver should only submit the form if they believe the other driver is responsible for their damages and they wish to file a claim.

The SR-31 should be submitted to the Department of Public Safety as soon as possible after the collision to aid in the processing of administrative actions on claims.

The SR-31 form is available from DPS offices or online at