New services available at DWM

Published 4:28 pm Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A full staff of nurses and other medical professionals at Brewton’s D.W. McMillan Hospital are on stand-by to provide services for those patients who require IV drug therapy to treat or manage illnesses and diseases.
Outpatient services at D.W. McMillan offers IV drug therapy allowing patients requiring the care to stay in their hometown for that service whether on a daily, weekly or monthly prescriptive therapy schedule.
The outpatient department also offers specialty services in the areas of oncology, urology, gastroenterology and ENT.
Judy Smith, director of outpatient services, said the care is specifically available to provide additional services to local residents.
“Our goal is to provide quality medical services so people won’t have to travel an hour to receive care,” Smith said.
Officials say all IV drug therapy provided at D.W. McMillan is performed by qualified, registered nurses with specialized training in drug therapy. The RN’s, certified in chemotherapy infusions, have received training and certification for performing infusions on oncology patients.
Susie Fraser, an RN at D.W. McMillan, said the knowledge of the nurses who provide the service for IV therapy are well versed in the application process of the therapy drugs and equipment.
“Most patients would be surprised at how much training we have to complete to be able to provide the service.” Fraser said. “But it’s important to us whether we help one patient or 100.”
D.W. McMillan outpatient services provides IV drug therapy for multiple medical issues and medicines such as Remicade, which is used to treat Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis; Reclast, which is a drug used for the treatment of osteoporosis. Immunoglobulin injections (IVIG infusions) are given to treat immunodeficiencies; and Xolair, a new, a single injection drug therapy being provided for patients with allergies.
D.W. McMillan officials say one of the latest —  and possibly most significant — drug therapies being offered is Tysabri. This drug is used to treat the muscle wasting brought on by Multiple Sclerosis. Because of potential side effects to this drug, it is only given under the order of the Neurologist monitoring the patient. In spite of the risk, it has been very beneficial for the patient with Multiple Sclerosis by allowing them to remain mobile.
To take advantage of the drug therapy services offered at DW McMillan patients need an order from their local physician. Procedures are scheduled thru the Out Patient Department, Monday through Friday. For additional information call Judy Smith or Georgette Sexton at 809-8275.
D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital is governed by the Escambia County Healthcare Authority Board of Director and is an acute care hospital that has been a part of the Brewton community for over 50 years. The hospital’s facilities include an eight bed intensive care unit; a 24 hour emergency room; general medical, surgical and obstetrical services; and a women and infants unit.
In addition, D.W McMillan offers programs and support to area citizens through health education. To learn more, visit their Website at
D.W. McMillian hospital is located on Belleville Avenue. For details concerning services offered at the facility, contact them at 867-8061 or visit the business office Monday thorugh Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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