Habitat house becoming a home

Published 1:55 am Wednesday, January 23, 2013

With blowers and heaters working at maximum strength, the latest Habitat for Humanity building project can boast that insulation is now in place in the home.

Alecia Glaize, Habitat executive director, said progress is being made on the structure that will be the home for Canisha Stewart and her family.

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“We are making good progress and hope that we can have things completed later this month,” Glaize said. “With the insulation now in place, we can start work on the sheetrock later this week.”

Although volunteers will still be needed to complete the final details of the home, Glaize said some professional work has to be done before a volunteer workday can be planned.

“We will be needing some volunteers for some of the work in the next few weeks,” Glaize said. “We have a group of T.R. Miller lady athletes waiting to do some interior painting. We also have a group that we hope to have working on the porches and steps.”

Glaize said some skills will be needed more quickly in an effort to speed up the process of completing the home.

“We are looking for some skilled workers who have particular abilities to help us out next week,” Glaize said. “Anyone who is skilled at laying laminate flooring, cabinet installation, or installing trim work around windows and baseboards is welcome to come and help. The schedule for that work will be determined by how much of the other work gets done by our professional crews.”

Glaize said part of the reason for delays may be due to grant work Habitat has been involved with in this latest project.

“We are involved in a $20,000 grant with the Fortified Safe Program and we’re also working with a $4,000 grant to help meet standards of the Alabama Housing Board with green building called Energy Key,” Glaize said. “That work involves some testing to make sure that we’re meeting those standards. That, of course, takes some time to coordinate. Once those tests are complete, more work can be done.”

For those who are interested in volunteering with HFH, Glaize suggested making a call to the Habitat office to check on work to be done and when volunteers will be needed.

“Based on work from day to day, we will have a schedule of what needs to be done and what volunteer work is needed,” Glaize said. “Calling into the office to check and confirm that schedule will save our volunteers and our workers some time and stress and allow us to move forward with work as soon as possible.”

Although the construction was planned for completion sooner, Glaize said she hopes to have the home ready for the Stewart family to occupy by late February.

“We are certainly still a few weeks away from having the family ready to move in,” Glaize said. “A lot of things like weather and worker availability will determine when work can be done to put the finishing touches on the home. We’re working every day in some aspect and hope to finish soon.”

The construction on Dacus Street marks the 19th home of the Habitat for Humanity of Escambia County organization.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities, skills needed or to apply for Habitat benefits, contact the office at 867-0095.