Swim team medals at Gulf Shores meet

Published 8:39 am Monday, February 18, 2013

The Brewton Local Area Swim Team Tigersharks, recently “rocked the blocks” in Gulf Shores during their latest swim meet.
Head coach Angel Boyd stated that she was extremely proud of the performance by her Tigersharks this past weekend.
“As a coach of such amazing young men and women, I am humbled by their efforts, sportsmanship and amazing hearts,” Boyd said.
Tigersharks who attended the meet were: Addison Heath – Daughter of Dewayne and Dr. Melissa Heath; Aleigh Lanier – Daughter of David and Mandy Lanier; Caleb Kent – Son of Danny and Phyllis Kent; Callie Kent – Daughter of Danny and Phyllis Kent; Colby Morris – Son of Brandee Morris; Cole Jernigan – Son of Lee and Felicia Jernigan; Elizabeth Glass – Daughter of Dewayne and Brooke Glass; Emerson Heath – Daughter of Dewayne and Melissa Heath; Kinsley Byrd – Daughter of Dylan and Beverly Byrd; Nolan Atkinson – Son of Rob and Lisa Atkinson; Riley Surles – Son of Mark Surles and Stacey Fuqua; Sailor Smith – Daughter of Chad and Brandy Smith; and Walker Volonte – Son of Roberto and Maria Volonte.
“Cole Jernigan, age 10, was in total beast mode this weekend,” Boyd said. “He swam 10 individual events and won 10 first place medals. No one could touch him this weekend. He was on fire. He also swam in four relays and took first place in all four. Cole has 10 individual cuts for the Southeastern Championship meet in February, which includes Tennessee, Florida Panhandle, Alabama and part of Mississippi and West Georgia. Cole also has earned four individual cuts for the eastern section of the southern zone Meet of Champions held in March, which includes Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas and Louisiana. His work effort and attitude are the two ingredients that make Cole a success.”
Boyd said Nolan Atkinson is another young swimmer that did well at the meet.
“Nolan was blowing up the blocks,” she said. “Nolan is quickly rising to the upper ranks of the 9-10 age group. As a young 9-year-old, Nolan took the High Point runner-up trophy this past weekend, just behind Cole helping to sweep the High Point Awards for the 9-10 boys age group. Nolan swam 10 individual events, winning seven medals and three ribbons. Nolan was also a member of the four relay teams that took first place in 9-10 boys 200-yard Free and 200-Medley as well as the 11-14 boys first place 200-Free and Medley relays. Nolan also has nine individual cuts for Southeasterns held at the end of February and a ESSZ zone cut, held in March.”
Kinsley Byrd joined Jernigan and Atkinson as another top swimmer at the meet.
“Kinsley was on fire this past weekend and had a tremendous meet,” Boyd said. “Kinsley is a young 7-year-old competing in the 8U girls division. Kinsley won seven individual medals and four ribbons as she swam her way to a High Point trophy this past weekend in Gulf Shores. Kinsley is a hard worker, and highly competitive young lady with a great future in swimming. She also anchored the 8U second place girls Free relay team.”
Boyd said Colby Morris had a great weekend in Gulf Shores, swimming his way to a 50-freestyle cut for Southeasterns and dropping several times.
“Colby won eight individual medals,” Boyd said. “Colby was also a member of the 11-14 relay team that swept both freestyle and medley winning first place in both. Colby has great form, and continues to work towards getting more cuts for the upcoming Southeastern Championships.”
Elizabeth Glass saw improvement at the recent meet along with Walker Volonte.
“Elizabeth is a young 11-year-old competing in the extremely competitive 11-12 age group and had a great meet this weekend,” she said. “Elizabeth dropped several times edging closer to a Southeastern cut, winning several medals and ribbons this past weekend. Walker Volonte is an 8U boy and had a wonderful meet this weekend, also winning several medals and ribbons. Walker, is a breast stroke specialist, but has gained tremendous strength in all four strokes. Walker was a member of the 10U boys relay team that took first place, sweeping the Free and Medley relays.”
Caleb Kent also joined a host of other Brewton swimmers who turned in good finishes.
“Caleb, also an 8U Boy, swam tremendously this weekend, in a highly competitive age group,” Boyd said. “Caleb swam 10 individual events and ribboned in each of them. Caleb was also a member of the 9-10 and the 11-14 boys relay teams, that swept both age groups taking home first place.
Caleb is a sweet kid with a great work ethic. Addison Heath, Sailor Smith, Aleigh Lanier, Callie Kent and Emmie Heath Rounded out the Tigershark girls who competed this weekend. Addison ribboned in six individual events, Callie also brought home three ribbons this weekend, and Emmie Heath also ribboned this weekend.
Aleigh and Sailor, each only swam one day this past weekend, but both swam great and brought home awards for their swims. Riley Surles also swam one day of competitions in his first meet as a Tigershark. He had three clean amazing races and did awesome.”

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