Brewton Community Center policy, rates changed

Published 2:00 am Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Residents who rent the Brewton Community Center will now be required to be on the premises during the entire time the event is going on, one of a few changes to the community center rental policy that Brewton City Council members approved Monday night.
“The person who signs for the building has to be there the entire time,” said Councilman Joe Watson.
The policy also raises the deposit fee from $75 to $125.
The new policy, which retains the provision that renters who have alcohol at their events must hire an off-duty police officer at $30 per hour for security, also states that a Brewton police officer can walk in at any time to inspect the event and make sure there is no misuses of the facility or disruptive behavior. If there is a problem, officers can shut down the event.
The new policy arose over a dispute about what time events could end at the community center. Originally, events were allowed a curfew of midnight, said Councilman Joe Watson.
But several weeks ago, Watson questioned at a council workshop why renters had been told that events had to end by 10 p.m.
At that time, City Clerk John Angel said he and Police Chief Monte McGougin decided that events should end earlier because of problems that had happened with some events.
Watson said the council should determine community center policy, so Mayor Yank Lovelace appointed a committee to look at the issue.
During Monday’s meeting, McGougin asked who would communicate with him about whether officers were needed for events. Angel said he would continue to talk to the police department. “The M.O. is the same,” he said.
Angel said Monday that changes to the policy include:
• The deposit goes from $75 to $125.
• Patrons renting the community center for birthday parties for seniors 90 or over only have to pay the $125 non-refundable deposit.
• Whoever signs to rent the building must stay on the premises during the entire event.
• Hours the center can be used are 6 a.m. to 1 a.m.
• Officers who walk through the building can shut down the event — and renters forfeit their fees — if there are violations of use.
The policy also states that alcohol is to be used in moderation, and there can be no cover charge for an event.