New park reaction mixed

Published 2:00 am Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When word concerning plans for a new 48-acre park for Brewton began circulating, residents quickly began voicing their opinions — some in favor of the plans, and others, decidedly against it.
After posing the “what do you think” question to Facebook fans of The Brewton Standard, the answers ranged from one end of the spectrum to the other.
For those who think the idea of a new park for the community would be a plus, anticipation of completion of the project seems to be the biggest concern.
“I think it’s super,” Tim Cook said. “That property should be used for something that enhances Brewton.”
The exuberance expressed by many ranged from “Great plan…can’t wait,” from Kristie McGhee, to “Awesome,” from Cindy Fleming.
Lisa Harris and Richard Capers want to “see it already” and invite officials to “bring it on.”
On the flip side of the park coin, some residents think the plan may be a little unrealistic, financially, for the city.
“If it don’t make money, we don’t need it,” Gary Fuqua said. “If it don’t bring money in we don’t need it. We have kids that needs jobs, not somewhere to hang out.”
Stephanie Lambeth expressed concerns over the location for the planned park expansion.
“Don’t forget, this is a flood zone,” Lambeth said. “May cost the city more money in the long run. Lots of parks and sidewalks here already. We need new businesses, theater, bowling alley and some nice restaurants. Too many empty buildings sitting all over Brewton.”
Although opinions expressed from both sides of the fence have some validity, it seems the opinion of those hoping for success with such a proposed expansion see a bright future at the end.
“I believe the expansion would be beneficial,” Christopher Phillips said. “Anything to bring more people to our community would allow the local sales to increase, thus jobs to generate.”
Pamela Till, a relatively new resident in the community, said the expansion would build on one of the things her family found beautiful in the city in the first place.
“We moved to Brewton last August,” Till said. “We are very impressed with the way fitness seems to be a big part of the community spirit. This is something that is overlooked in most small towns. Looking forward to the expansion.”
For those who hope to let city officials know their opinions, hopes and dreams for the new park proposal, a City of Brewton open house event is planned for June 17 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Brewton City Hall.

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