City should be proud; I am

Published 2:00 am Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beautiful. That has to be the best word to use when it comes to describing the annual Blueberry Festival held last Saturday.
Yes, hot would be another word, but the day was certainly worth the prespiration when everything is said and done.
The Greater Brewton Area Chamber of Commerce staff, officers and members did an excellent job of planning and preparing for the event and it showed.
Another thing that showed this past weekend was the care and work performed by workers for the City of Brewton.
I was proud to be a resident of this area when I saw how nice everything looked for those out-of-town guests who made there way to our city for the festival.
I appreciate the work our city crews perform on a daily basis, but I am especially proud and thankful for their work when we want to put on the dog for company.
The streets were clean, the bushes, shrubs and hedges were all trimmed and I didn’t see one speck of trash floating around on our streets. I was proud and I know that others in the community were and are proud as well.
As we move forward with making our city more attractive for visitors and guests, I hope that we move forward with keeping it that way for our own enjoyment.
I know that when my front room is picked up and things are put where they belong, the room seems bigger and more comfortable. I believe the same would be true for our city. We want our city to be comfortable and welcoming for anyone who happens to pass through. A visitors impression of our city can speak volumes about our people, our government, our way of life and our pride.
I enjoyed the Blueberry Festival again this year — which is no surprise. It was held in one of our city’s beautiful resources — Jennings Park.
I hope that others in this community will take pride in our wonderful assets and keep them clean and picked up for company.