Simple steps can unite city

Published 1:04 pm Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A few simple steps could help bring our community together — and make Brewton an even better place to live.
Starting this week, the city has launched “Brewton Reborn,” an effort to use simple tasks each month to help improve our community. July’s ideas are easy: Leave your house, know your neighbors and pick up litter.
Picking up litter will be easy with the help of some new trash barrels around town. The beautiful barrels — which are works of art, really — have been painted by volunteers and sponsored by area businesses and groups. They will make it easier than ever to help pick up litter and keep our community clean.
The other tasks on the list will help bring us closer to each other. Leave your house — for a walk, to go volunteer, to join a civic group — and know your neighbors. Stop by for a chat; drop off a plate of cookies.
Even in our small town, we can be guilty of spending too much time online or in front of a TV or computer screen instead of talking to actual people. Getting out in the community is good for all of us.
Over the next nine months, Brewton Reborn will ask us to engage in simple tasks like these each month: Planting flowers, visiting the library; organizing a block party. Each month will have three ideas.
Participating takes little or no money, just a willingness to make our community better.
So often, as city program management director Connie Baggett said, we hear people say they wish they lived in Fairhope or some other community.
Why not make Brewton the place you want to live? Instead of complaining about what we have or don’t have, step up and help make our city a better place.

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