House of Art: Loft opens for lessons, supplies

Published 2:00 am Saturday, July 13, 2013

Some people are born to dance while others are born to play football or perform on stage. But somewhere in between is where Megan Brantley is hoping to fill a void.
The Art Loft at Antigone’s in downtown Brewton has evolved from a dream that the artist saw as a need in the community.
“I’m really excited about this,” Brantley said “There are people that play sports or go to the YMCA to work out after work or school. I want art to be just as important to people here.”
Brantley, who is an artist in her own right, will be teaching those who desire the ability to create artwork of their own.
“The building where the studio is was just sitting unused,” Brantley said. “When Donna (Bracken, owner of Antigone’s) suggested we needed to put it to use, having an art studio there was the first thing that came to my mind. I’m really hoping this will be a success.”
Brantley said the first classes at the studio will begin in August with a focus on drawing.
“Each month we will have a class session that will be four classes,” Brantley said. “Each month we will have a different focus and a different class. The first classes will be focused on drawing. If people sign up for the full four-class session, the materials for the class will be included. I know that some people may only be able to take one class at a time and we can do that, too. It just depends on how much time they have to spend taking the classes. Either way, it will be fun and educational.”
Brantley said since some materials will be available for those who take the art classes, she is making art supplies available to the public.
“There really isn’t a place where you can get professional, high-quality art supplies here,” Brantley said. “Since we are making the supplies available for students in the art class, we wanted to make them available to anyone who needs good, quality art supplies.”
Brantley said there is work yet to be done on the location that will become a house of art.
“We still have some work to do, but we will be ready for classes the first week of August,” Brantley said. “We are hoping to get to the point soon that we have a complete art gallery downstairs at The Art Loft. Of course we want to allow local artists to display their work in the gallery for sale. But, we are reaching out as far as we can to include anyone who would like to display art in the gallery.”
Brantley said the entire art complex will be a learning environment for artists and hopefuls alike.
“We want everything to be about learning about art,” Brantley said. “I’m really excited about this and hope that it will be a success.”
Brantley said the first art classes will focus on drawing using familiar mediums for beginners and advanced artists.
To find out more about classes, course costs, art supplies or gallery information, contact Brantley at 363-0633 or by email at
The Art Loft is located in the two-story white building of Antigone’s in downtown Brewton.