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Jones enters plea in Dortch murder case

An Atmore man pleaded guilty Monday to felony murder in the June 2012 shooting death of an Atmore businessman.


Damien Deonshay Jones’ guilty plea — which came as attorneys were preparing to select a jury for his trial — also paves the way for Jones to testify against the man who authorities say pulled the trigger in the case, then-16-year-old De’Athony Dailey, Jones’ co-defendant.

Jones was a participant in the robbery of Kendrick Lamon Dortch, authorities said, but did not actually shoot the victim.

Jones entered a blind plea to felony murder, first-degree robbery and breaking and entering of a vehicle.

District Attorney Steve Billy said Jones will not be sentenced until after Dailey’s trial.

Billy said that his office would likely recommend a lesser sentence for Jones in exchange for his testimony.

Dailey had sought youthful offender status but was denied in December.