Geocachers cash in at first city event

Published 9:54 pm Monday, August 5, 2013

As many as 60 people of all ages tromped through the wilds of Brewton Saturday as the city hosted the first ever geocaching event for the area.

With around 50 out of town guests coming to the city for the event, organizers and hosts say the weekend was a big success.

Brewton Program Manger Connie Baggett said the hard work of Johnny Watson was evident as the weekend unfolded.

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“He was a tireless soldier for this event,” Baggett said. “The work he put into this event was shown with the way the event came off. It was wonderful and many of the participants were coming to Brewton for the first time with several saying they intended to come back.”

Baggett said the three-day event was a huge undertaking and would likely become a regular event in the city since there is a local group of geocaching enthusiasts ready to keep the hunt going.

“We have a core group of geocachers right here in the Brewton area who were involved in this event,” Baggett said. “We’re excited they had an enjoyable time and plans are already in the making for more events like this.”

Baggett said the group is hoping to have geocaching events on a smaller scale than the one held over the weekend, but another big hunt is planned for October.

“The next hunt will probably be around Halloween,” Baggett said. “The way the group is talking this hunt won’t be for the faint of heart. There will be some scary finds but should be a fun event for everyone.”

For more details on Brewton’s first geocaching event, see the Wednesday edition of The Brewton Standard.