Stats show decline in crime

Published 2:00 am Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Crime statistics in Escambia County in 2012 were something of a mixed bag, according to figures released earlier this month — non-violent crimes were down, but certain violent crimes showed an uptick.

The report, released by the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center, includes statewide statistics as well as county and municipal numbers. The total crime count for the state dropped in 2012, but violent crimes have increased across the state, according to the statistics.

For 2012 Escambia County Sheriff’s Office reports show a 100 percent increase in homicides for the county with two reported deaths as a result of a crime. Rape statistics were unchanged in the county with the statewide rate showing a 10 percent decline in the crime. Assault charges grew by 40 percent in Escambia County for 2012 with a statewide report of only a 6 percent increase in assault crimes. Non-violent crimes including robbery, burglary and larceny were down for Escambia County in 2012.

Robbery in Escambia County was down by 75 percent with only one arrest reported in 2012 compared to four in 2011. Burglary and larceny charges also declined by 7 and 5 percent respectively with a 50 percent decline in motor vehicle thefts in the county.

Municipalities also show Brewton and East Brewton having drastic changes in certain reported crimes included in the report information. In Brewton, rape crimes took an 80 percent drop with only one reported rape in 2012 compared to five reported rapes in 2011. Assaults decline by 30 percent in the city for 2012 with no change in the percentage of homicide reports.

Robberies in Brewton took a huge leap with a 600 percent increase in 2012 with seven reported crimes compared to only one in 2011. Brewton’s burglary reports increased by 8 percent with 56 reports in 2012 compared to 52 in 2011. Larceny reports increased by 4 percent in the city with a 78 percent increase reported in motor vehicle thefts. For

East Brewton law enforcement, crime statistics continue to show significant declines in rape and robbery crimes. With only one reported incident of rape in 2012, the statistic took a 67 percent drop compared to the three reported crimes in 2011. Robbery crime dropped by 50 percent with motor vehicle theft dropping by 29 percent. Assault crimes went up by 9 percent in the city with burglary and larceny crimes also increasing by 76 and 27 percent respectively.

In a county-by-county breakdown in the ACJIC report, 1,391 Level I offenses were reported including homicide, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny and motor vehicle thefts.

For the Escambia County Sheriff’s Departments, reported crimes included two homicides, three rapes, one robbery, 49 assaults, 117 burglaries, 217 larceny crimes and 21 motor vehicle thefts. The county jurisdictional population is 18,752.

Atmore reported one homicide, two rapes, seven robberies, 53 assaults, 82 burglaries, 244 larceny crimes and 19 motor vehicle thefts. Atmore’s jurisdictional population is 10,188.

Brewton reported no homicides, one rape, seven robberies, 59 assaults, 56 burglaries, 223 larceny crimes and 16 motor vehicle thefts. Brewton’s jurisdictional population is 5,398.

East Brewton reported no homicides, one rape, one robbery, 24 assault, 37 burglaries, 85 larceny crimes and five motor vehicle thefts. East Brewton’s jurisdictional population is 2,472.

Flomaton reported no homicides or rapes with two robberies, 22 assaults, seven burglaries, 26 larceny crimes and one motor vehicle theft. Flomaton’s jurisdictional population is 1,438.

Total 2012 crime statistics for Escambia County show three homicides, seven rapes, 18 robberies, 207 assaults, 299 burglaries, 795 larceny charges and 62 motor vehicle thefts. The total county population in 2012 was reported at 38,248.