Byrne campaigns in city

Published 2:00 am Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A run for the governor’s office three years ago gave Bradley Byrne a taste of what the campaign trail was like. The plan for a campaign for a different office will be swift and busy as he seeks the Republican nomination for Alabama’s First Congressional District seat.

“My family and I had a big meeting about this campaign for this office,” Byrne said Thursday. “Everyone in the family got a vote and it was unanimous. We all said this was something we can do.”

Byrne will be one contender for the nomination in a Sept. 24 primary election. If a run-off is needed, the election date would be Nov. 5 followed by a general election for the seat on Dec. 17. Byrne’s campaign had him in Escambia County Thursday visiting constituents in Atmore and in Brewton where he attended the Escambia County Habitat for Humanity’s Hard Hats and High Heels event.

“I’m excited about the opportunity,” Byrne said. “My plan is to do anything I can for the people that puts me there.”

Byrne said specific ideas are already firmly planted in his mind about things he’d like to see to benefit the people of Escambia County.

“U.S. 31 needs to be four-laned all the way to Baldwin County,” Byrne said. “For safety and for economic development. I believe that Escambia County can attract Airbus suppliers to the county, particularly if we can get that four-lane.”

Byrne said he made trips to Europe on three occasions to meet with aviation suppliesrs and believes he has a feel for what those companies are looking for in a location and parts.

“You don’t have to be next door to be a supplier,” Byrne said. “With the manufacturing process, they know what they need well in advance and can have those parts shipped to them down U.S. 31 or I65. It’s a real opportunity for Escambia County for us to attract aviation and other business as well.” I

n talking with other leaders throughout the county on his visit this week, Byrne said his work at the Federal level would benefit everyone.

“It’s time to balance the federal budget, without raising taxes, by holding the line on spending and allowing the American economy to grow,” Byrne said.

Byrne said he intends to meet with as many residents in the district as possible as he continues his campaign tour.

“I plan to go door-to-door asking for each voter’s support, one at a time,” Byrne said. “No one will out work us in this campaign.”