Hands-on learning planned for geocachers

Published 2:00 am Saturday, September 7, 2013

Geocaching is quickly taking over scavenger-style hunting activities in the brewton area. However, knowing exactly how to tackle the hunt may still be a mystery to many people.
To help those who may be interested in the activity, a group of geocachers is making plans to hold a special learning session that will give hunters the knowledge they need to be successful and have fun in the events planned in the Brewton area.
Lacie McCall, president of the Cache Hounds of Brewton group, said a special, hands-on lesson time is set to bring hunters up to speed.
“It’s hard to have a class in a room,” McCall said. “We thought it would be so much better to have a class and lesson right out in the open that would give people a chance to have a hands-on learning experience with geocaching.”
McCall said a Geocaching 101 class is set for Saturday, Sept. 14 beginning at 2 p.m.
“We’ll be holding this session at O’Bannon Park that will put people right into an environment they would see at any geocaching event,” McCall said. “this will give us a chance to share with people and give them everything they need to know to enjoy geocaching.”
O’Bannon Park is located just off St. Nicholas Avenue just blocks from downtown Brewton.
McCall said those who plan to attend the free session are urged to bring some supplies with them for the event.
“Everyone will need to have either a smart phone or a hand-held, portable GPS system,” McCall said. “These devices will allow them to follow the clues and pinpoint the location of the cache.”
McCall suggested that participants were comfortable clothing and shoes for walking into the woods.
“You certainly don’t want to wear flip-flops to this class,” McCall said. “We will be venturing into the woods around O’Bannon Park for the lesson.”
McCall said other experienced geocachers will be on hand to help out with the lessons.
“We want everyone to enjoy geocaching,” McCall said. “Brewton’s first geocaching event was fun and pretty successful. We are already making plans for an event sometime around Halloween.”
McCall said special caches are being put into place just for the upcoming event.
“We are really excited about getting this kind of activity going well in Brewton,” McCall said. “If anyone has ever thought about doing this or just want to find out what all the talk is about, we’d love to let them in on what’s going on and how to be a part of it.”
Anyone looking for information about geocaching, upcoming events or to learn more about the local group, visit their Facebook page by finding the Cache Hounds of Brewton page.