Delays continue on Ridge Road route

Published 8:04 pm Monday, September 16, 2013

Travelers will see more work on Ridge Road this week as preparation for paving continues.

Escambia County Engineer Bill Bridges said work to replace a pipe near the Weaver Road intersection is practically finished with workers moving on up the road.

“We will be in the Shady Grove area for the rest of the week,” Bridges said Monday. “The work at Weaver Road is just about done. We’ll be putting a little patch there to hold until paving is done. We’ve got three more sites to work on this week near Shady Grove Lane.”

Bridges said workers would be just south of Shady Grove Lane on Ridge Road Tuesday with the road closed to through traffic.

“People who normally use Ridge Road to get to town will have to go around,” Bridges said. “Actually, staying on U.S. 29 is a smart idea. The road is better and makes for easier traveling.”

Bridges said the latter part of the week will see two sites undergoing preparation for paving. Those sites – both between Shady Grove Lane and U.S. 29 – will not hinder or affect any households or residents on Ridge Road.

Bridges did say bid letting has already taken place for the Ridge Road paving project with work expected to begin sometime next month.