New beginning for local church

Published 12:02 am Saturday, September 21, 2013


A visible marker is now in place to signify the future location of New Beginnings Worship Center.

Bo Bell, pastor of the church, said the steeple now in place has been a work in progress for several weeks.

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“We are actually restoring a piece of history here in our city with the work that is being done here,” Bell said. “The New Beginnings Worship Center will be moving to the old NuTex factory location on St. Nicholas Avenue in the near future. We are turning this building into a church that’s on a mission to serve the community.”

Sam Bell, co-pastor with her husband at the church, said the new steeple was hand-made and will be a beautiful addition to the building.

“We had people working on the steeple for a while now,” Bell said. “There are probably six coats of paint on it, but it looks beautiful.”

A crane and a group of men were on hand last week as the steeple was placed on top of the proposed church area of the building.

“We are still holding services at our location on the four-lanes at 2498 South Boulevard,” Bell said. “We will soon be moving services to our new location on St. Nicholas Avenue. The church will seat about 1,500 people when we begin there.”

Bell said a worship service isn’t the only opportunity to be a part of the ministries already in place with New Beginnings staff and congregation.

“We have a great children’s ministry and youth group,” Bell said. “We will also continue our outreach ministry with a great ladies and men’s ministry going as well. We are believing God for great things in our city.”

Bell said a December opening is planned for the new worship center with other ministry offices nearing completion.

“We have already done some things with our ministry from this location,” Bell said. “We hope to be able to have services in the new sanctuary by early or mid-December. It just depends on how quickly our project moves along.”

Bell said the new home for New Beginnings Ministries will offer more space to offer more services and continue their goal of reaching out to a community in need.

“We are committed to communication of the gospel message and to restring and developing broken natural and social aspects of the community,” Bell said. “We will take the time to evaluate each opportunity to determine whether it is a relief effort or a restoration project. Relief is the immediate and temporary provision of emergency, free aid to reduce suffering from a man-made or natural crisis. Restoration is working with people to restore the positive elements in the community back to their pre-crisis conditions. The kind of project it is will help us determine our approach. We can’t do this alone. We will make more progress working together.”

Bell said ministry groups at the church are partnering with organizations that complement the strengths already in place.

“We understand we all have something to offer,” Bell said. “We will team up with other churches offering relief, developing leaders and developing the communities. Our goal is to be a church with purpose serving the community and partnering with our church to see the love of God in our city.”

Bell said the size of the new sanctuary makes it possible to open worship services and other aspects of the ministry to more people in the community.

“If someone doesn’t have a church home, we welcome them to be a part of what god is doing right here in our city,” Bell said. “If you do have a home church, we thank you for what you do and for your prayers.”