What works during the federal government shutdown?

Published 9:44 am Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The federal government is in shutdown as of midnight Tuesday, after Congress could not come to an agreement on a new budget.

What does that mean for you?

What works:

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— The Postal Service still works, since it gets no taxpayer money.

— Social Security checks still go out.

— The military works, but they don’t get paid until the government resumes operating.

— You have to pay your taxes, but the IRS isn’t working, so you won’t be audited, and they won’t be able to answer any questions.

— Federal courthouses stay open, for about 10 days.

— Federal prisons continue to operate.

— Veterans services continues to operate.

What doesn’t:

— ATF shuts down, so gun permits might not be processed

— Federal loans for housing would be delayed.

— Most federal employees would be furloughed.

— National parks and museums would be closed.

— WIC could be affected.