Congress votes to reopen federal government

Published 9:25 pm Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Senate and House voted Wednesday night on a plan to reopen the federal government, more than two weeks after their failure to pass a budget agreement led to the shutdown.

President Obama vowed to sign the bill immediately.

Alabama Sens. Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions, both Republicans, voted against the measure.

“We should fund the government and safeguard the full faith and credit of the United States,” Shelby said. “We should do both, however, by putting our nation on a more responsible fiscal path.  This legislation fails to do so. Once again, we are kicking the can down the road.  In the meantime, the spending continues and our national debt grows unabated.  The American people deserve better.”

The legislation includes a continuing resolution to keep funding the government as well as an agreement to increase the debt limit.

“Now is not the time to pivot to the next issue,” Sessions said. “We’ll hit a new debt limit next year. We must stay focused on the central issue. With falling wages, $1 trillion in welfare spending, and a massive health law that no one can afford, now is the time to pursue a national reform agenda that serves working Americans. Struggling workers deserve a sound financial future – one with better wages, better incomes, and a better plan than borrowing money to mail more government checks.”